Tear-Jerking Story of Honor – What Happens in This Video Could Change You

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This inspirational story of unity from a Texas basketball team shows that there’s something greater and more powerful than winning.  


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  • peterhamm

    “I was raised to treat others the way I want to be treated”…key line.

    • scott

      what does Easter meanest ?

  • K. Burrell Wade

    Awesome video of the power of love! The power of our words to our children can be so significant. Whether we are there with our children or absent from them. So, it behooves us to plant the word into our children both by study and by how we live before them.

  • G Braly

    The video is no longer being allowed to be viewed.

    • mjorme

      The video is back up – sorry for the inconvenience!

  • smsrt

    You guys offer a lot of videos not available. I don’t want to start clicking though your mail as junk… Just saying.

    • mjorme

      The video is fixed – sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Alistair

    Yes I too would like to have seen this. It is of value to the Kingdon to see God at work in other parts of the world.

  • ric

    this is a perfect picture of the church

  • http://www.facebook.com/judy.e.watson.9 Judy E Watson

    This is a perfect picture of what the church should be.

  • Don Gollan

    I guess these guys knew and obeyed Jesus

  • http://FireSpeaks.Blogspot.com/ FireSpeaks

    That is the correct spirit.!!!

  • Elaine Steenbergh

    I salute that coach for being so sensitive to Mitch-we are all created equal, no matter what our abilities or disabilities. We have an 18 yr. old grandson in a special school.

  • Alistair

    Thank you. I do not know if you changed anything so we could see this on the other side of the world, but thank you anyway. Blessings. I have heard people say that no one remembers the team that came second… This one breaks the rule..

  • justSusan

    Such great team work from all angles ! you guys really know :) and Mitchell, you keep on going you have a great God and great friends :)

  • Williams

    Yes,Yes we need more people like this in the world showing great sportsman ship and thinking of someone else beside themselves. Their is all type diversty of people in the world among us,if only people would put others & love our neighbor as we love ourselves like the bible said. And this goes to show you the love of God comes in all forms by whomever he chose to do & use his power through. Lot of chruch people need to learn these steps of love & kindness it’s not about who won or who come in first. Just as long that a good deed was done in the process of any situation whether it’s good or bad. See Jesus in all of it.Good game guys best play of the day.

  • Mary

    What an amazing ending! You never know how God is going to use a person. He has the final say so! How can you watch this video and not cry. That is love! How humbling! To God Be the Glory!

  • http://twitter.com/SharonLujan Sharon Craig

    Jesus for basket-ball!!!

  • Ms. Lin


  • Monica Hobbie

    This was so powerful of Chrislike walk is.

  • Pastor Gene Spurgeon

    Great story, I would love to show this to my young people

  • WAD

    wow..Thats real LOVE man.