What Happens When a Megachurch Tries to Get "Personal"

John Crist takes a humorous look at what happens when megachurches try to get “personal.”

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  • FSP

    “Megachurch” & “personal”…is that an oxymoron? If they don’t know my name how PERSONal can they be????? If a shepherd never touches his sheep is he still a shepherd or maybe a public speaker or administrator? Just asking? Is this success?

    • RGM

      There are shepherds and under shepherds – Jesus was a spiritual shepherd and he did not all his sheep by name. A good shepherd may not everyone of the sheep but he will make sure they are touched by his influence and anointing through those he delegates. Many churches have Elders and deacons that serve as shepherds in the flock and assist the lead shepherd carry out the mission and vision to nurture and feed the flock.

      • http://www.facebook.com/paul.pschirer Paul Tina Pschirer

        Really?? He does not know all His sheep by name? Sorry my Bible reads differently, even to the point that He “knows the very hairs on our heads.” How much more personal can you get? Also the scene with the Samaritan woman at the well, well He knew her so deeply, that He knew even her lifestyle. Now I understand the context of your response, do I agree that all “mega-church” pastors are impersonal, no.

        • Daz

          Actually the Scripture you quote is God knowing your hairs..not Jesus. I disagree with you that Jesus knew all the people who hovered around the group. He didn’t know the Samaritan womens name but by divine inspiration, which we also can exercise if we are listening, he knew her lifestyle. Megachurch or smaller church a shepherd will only remember 500 names, tops. But I am sure we have examples of shepherds who knew more. I have one. mine knew well over 5000. He used a memory scheme.

          Secondly, why is it the sole task of the shepherd to be the one who knows everything? That sounds a bit demigod like or call me Holy Spirit. 1 Cor 12 points to us having different tasks to see the church function. I don’t see it saying there can only be one shepherd.

          I agree its hard to be personal at a big church but is that the wrong context to expect it? Isn’t it a better place to come worship and celebrate the stuff that happened Mon – Sat rather than making the feature of the week, Sun. During the week in smaller groups we do life together and then come together corporately to celebrate God at work in our lives. Everyday is a day of worship then.

          You then have people coming to church to worship rather than feed at the trough…until next week. “Phew, i made it through the week. Back at church to fill up on God for the next week.” They become feeders during the week and celebraters when together. Goes against our upbringing and training. When I was a missionary it was great to start church amongst a people group with no history. They met and studied during the week and then came together in larger groups to celebrate.


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