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Enter into a time of worship & renewal through this bluegrass-inspired anthem, “This I Know” from Crowder Music.

“Take me up to where I was when I never wanted more than You / Lift me up to feel Your touch, it wouldn’t be that much for You.”

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  • GroovReuv

    Good music and great text display. It is refreshing to see the text more than the singer in this self-seeking, self-pleasing age we are living in presently. This rating system stinks! I give the a 5 STAR + PLUS!

  • Americanul65

    That song could be sung to anyone…are you sure it was directed to the Lord? I only heard “you” throughout. I could sing that song to my wife and it would be accurate. Just sayin’…. weak lyrics…very weak.

    • Jay

      Guess you’ll just have to make sure you’re singing it to the Lord. Just sayin’ :)

  • Al

    Groovy man!

  • Jay

    Love the music!

  • Robert Blannin

    I wish I new how to put it on my I pod