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Why Should We Tithe?

Should Christians feel obligated to tithe? What should the motivation behind our tithing be?

As Pastor Thomas McDaniels explains in the following video, tithing is of the law. This is why McDaniels does not preach one is obligated to tithe at his church. Since the law is fulfilled now that Jesus has come, it is our choice whether we tithe or not. However, the 10% principle that the Old Testament laid out can be used as a guideline.

The bottom line is that God owns everything. Everything we have was given to us. And so a tithe should not be seen necessarily as a gift we give, but a giving back from what God has given us.

McDaniels then shares a humorous story about buying french fries for his kids and their reaction to his trying to eat one of them.

In conclusion, tithes should be given out of a spirit of thankfulness; not in the spirit of trying to fulfill the law. Just as we have been freely given salvation, tithes need to be freely given.

So why should we tithe? Because we’re thankful for all God has given and all he has done.

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