Dear Mr. Christian — A Rap Song You Won't Forget

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This rap song by Derek Minor, featuring Dee-1 and LeCrae, is a vivid reminder of the broken and hurting people–with real stories–who need the Gospel. 

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  • Kyle

    Man. If more churches would grasp this.

  • kary

    Very good video if we would only listen to those around us and stop putting them down.

  • RetiredAirman

    Catchy rap. Solution? Bible. John 3:18-21 (KJV)

    18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

    We do listen but, truth – I say TRUTH – they love money rather than God, dark rather than light. It’s easier to judge back and deflect than it is to come to Christ, to go to Church, to sit down and listen yourself. When I was lost I blamed everyone but myself, calling those “holier than thou” people that went to Church “hypocrites”. Truth – I say TRUTH is – I was the hypocrite. It was only when I stopped deflecting and blaming others that I looked up and saw Christ waiting to save me. Christians save no one. Christ will save everyone. That is IF – again truth – TRUTH I say – if they will come to Him.

    • Dave

      As Emmerson said, “What you do speaks so loudly, I cannot hear your words.” Or as Jesus put it, “Love they neighbor as thyself.” (KJV, Mt. 22:39). John put it, Let us love in deed and in truth (rather than with word and tongue).

  • Athiest

    Can’t believe you Christians are trying to take this song as a message to preach. Their message is about your preaching not doing anything for the real issues and problems. So instead of going out to spread the gospel why don’t you go out and spread love and kindness, and don’t pretend those are the same thing. You are wasting time spreading the gospel when you can use that time to do some good for other people.

    • Shane

      Actually they are the same thing. The Gospel is about the ultimate showing of love by God who became man and saved us when we brought nothing to the table. You are confusing religion with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Read who Jesus is and what He did while He was on earth. I think you will see that what this song is talking about is sharing that message of salvation through faith in Crhist (love) in the same way that He did which is by meeing people where they are and reaching out to them.
      Glad to see you post on here. We need more people who cause us to evaluate what we say and compare it to what we do. Take care and I hope to shake your hand one day in Heaven.

    • FireSpeaks

      I don’t like agreeing with an atheist but you are absolutely correct this not not a word to be preached but an attack on the inefficiency in the effort of many Christians to reach the lost. Rather than tap our feet, we should be trying to seek God for forgiveness for not seeking this ourselves, and an answer to how to make correction for His Glory

  • Skip Brown

    First be the Gospel ( good news) than speak the Gospel

  • Jon

    Tremendous stuff!

  • Hank

    “Truth is, Ironically you need me around though ‘cuz otherwise you got nobody else to look down on.” Wow! That lyric alone should be powerful and convicting to many.

  • Victoria

    The answer is not religion, never has been. The answer is Jesus. Too many people confuse the two.

  • Evang. Roger Culwell

    Sorry that you fill that way about Christian’s but the truth is just because some one say’s they are don’t mean they are, just because you call your self a donkey don’t make you one, all though you may act like one it don’t make you one, you see a true holy spirit filled Christian will not look down on you or put you down, the truth is we were once in sin our self we all came out of some thing, whether homosexuality, Adultery, Idol worship, drunkenness, gossip yes that is a big sin itself, but we will pray for you and help you if we can, but we are to love as God love’s, yes God is love but he is also a God of judgement, and after the fall in the garden he gave us rule’s to live by, telling us what was right and wrong that we all must go by from the president on down to the least of us, and we all have rule’s to go by that the God of the bible set, and we must follow them and what he called sin is sin know man set these rule’s but the one true living God and we can’t change them know matter what, I mean just look at our country because the president and congress dont want to follow the rule’s of God or of our founding for father’s, they want to do what they want to do, know matter what and just look at the mess, well the truth is we all have to answer to some one, and that some one is the God of the bible on judgement day we will stand before him and answer for what we have done, and what will he judge us by, the bible to see if we did what he told us to or not.

    you see it’s more than just believing there are rule’s telling us what wrong and what’s right and to many who call there self Christian’s are not living as they should Gal.5:22 talk’s about how to tell if they who are they say they are, you will know them by there fruit, which is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, meekness, kindness, temprance, patience, and if these are not there in them then they are not who they say they are, we are not hater’s the only thing we hate is sin and the devil, it’s hard to hate some one who love’s you and is kind to you so first see if the fruit’s are there befroe you call them a Christian, and I wrote above how to tell, but we can never call right what God say’s is wrong we don’t make the rule’s we follow them that’s what it mean’s to be a follower, a believer that don’t do it the demon’s in hell believe and tremble, a lot of men and women don’t even fear they say well God is love, yes but he is also a God of judgement, and one day we will stand before him and be judged every one not just some every one, so we best as Christian’s be doing what the bible say’s and love the sinner and pray for them and help them if we can because we were there our self at one time know matter who you are, so you say don’t judge you, don’t judge us by the one’s who claim to be christian’s and are not living it, we got a world that say’s any thing goe’s well what God say’s goe’s and that’s it I can’t change it and you can’t, that’s God’s rule’s the bible is and that’s how all man kind is suppose to live, even though we may not see them there are power’s above that be.

    • Pastor Mike

      That all sounds good “Evangelist” But until you get up off of your behind and DO SOMETHING its still just talk, another sermon, another scapegoat theological opinion that you really could’ve kept to yourself. Did you not hear the gist of the song? Try encouragement, try compassion, try listening, with all thy getting, get an understanding. See you in the street Mr. Christian, if you got the courage to meet me there…

      • Pastor DanC

        Here’s my thought. We need to do SOMETHING…no doubt. But the problem is that one person, or even one Church, can’t possibly do EVERYTHING that needs to be done…but they can do SOMETHING. Each person will answer to God for what he/she HAS DONE. The truth is, just because there are still problems doesn’t mean Christians are NOT DOING…even Jesus said, “The poor you will ALWAYS have with you.” Problems are NOT going away. But we MUST love others, and we must make a difference in someone’s life…TODAY! Do something to change YOUR world today, and together we can make a serious dent. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

  • Jenny Mallin

    Great lyrics, love the message, LOVE is the identifying mark of all those who have heard and believed the gospel. The gospel is good news, it is this, that Jesus Christ made you new, you are one with HIM there is no separation, we all have the power to walk in Love, Joy and Peace.He died for the sins of all mankind ,to make the entire human race friends with a loving God. We died with Him and we rose with Him.

  • Dorine

    True Christians lead by the Holy Spirit, will never look down on you or any one else. Why! Because the Lord Jesus Christ Don’t.

  • Pastor Mike

    The lyrical content of this video needs to be the Sunday message EVERY SUNDAY in every church across America until real Christians stand up and get out in the street from behind, what the Bible calls their “ceiled houses” or as we know it, churches, homes, etc. and DO SOMETHING! Our young brothers and sisters need us and you better believe that to insure our future, we need them!

    • mkdb

      PM, I appreciate your zeal, however, I have, perhaps, some differing points of view.

      Yes, “the church” could most definitely stand to do more. But do more of what, exactly? “The church” could ALWAYS (throughout history) stand to do more.

      While that IS a concern, I believe our bigger concern (by far) is a truth/discernment problem, especially with our “young brothers and sisters”!

      You want people/the church to “DO SOMETHING” and that is great, but what, exactly, is that “something”? It must be based solely on the truth, or it will be harmful, not helpful. It also must come from the right motives, or it will be harmful (at least to the person doing “it”).

      “For I can testify about them that they are zealous for God, BUT THEIR ZEAL IS NOT BASED ON KNOWLEDGE. Since they did not know the righteousness of God and sought to establish their own, they did not submit to God’s righteousness.” (Rom 10:2-3)

      When I was first in ministry decades ago I realized a few years in that I was most definitely biased toward the ministry *I* was involved with. I thought everyone should be valuing THIS ministry more than others … because it was so important (it was/is along the lines of the topic here). But I noticed that most people (and churches) ALSO fall into this “biased” for what they are doing. Those people “in the street” and the ministry to them IS VALUABLE, but there are many other ministries (and people groups) that are just as valuable (I’m not saying that you are guilty of what I did, but I think many in the church are, and you might be, perhaps).

      I see this over-emphasis on one area–as if THIS one area is where it is at. I have rubbed shoulders with people in THIS area for years, and they are just like everyone else [sinners, stubborn, clinging to what THEY want, needy (in similar and different ways), in need of salvation (from a real hell!/eternal separation from God), in need of a heart change FIRST before anything else … and this is precisely what is missing/avoided (intentionally or not) in MUCH of the “missional” people and approach]. So, yes, let’s minister “in the street” and every where else … just the same.

      “Our young brothers and sisters need us and you better believe that to insure [sic] our future, we need them!”

      I would say we don’t “need them” (depending on exactly what you meant by this), it is “them” that “need” the truth and Jesus and salvation. While “they” are extremely important (just as everyone is) we will be fine–because of Jesus–with or with out them (in a “worst case scenario”). Yet that will not happen, I believe, because of God’s grace/love, despite our best or lack of efforts.

  • SHALOMseker

    I get the message, but must insist that we keep it Biblically sound if we are to bridge the gap. All have sinned and fallen short,its where we all begin–this is not criticism but g
    Fact! Without this confession there is no chance for redemption. When does the buck stop here? When do we repair the breach? Keep it clear and pure to get the results you desire. Let’s not change Bible truths and terms. Let’s change men’s hearts with LOVE and the truth of the Bible there is sin and there are sinners, just a liberating fact not criticism. God bless you


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