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Thomas McDaniels: If you’re bored with life, you’re bored with God. How could you be on fire for God and bored with life?

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  • JohnQP

    Very good message. We need more preaching like this – practical Christianity!

  • Timothy Leyian

    it have a great impart. everyone needs these

  • ronfurg

    The idea of changing the scorecard for the church is a good one. We need to go from measuring building size, number of warm bodies, and offering bucks to how many in the church are actually living as disciples of Jesus who and making disciples. Pastor McDaniels is right on target. We can’t love our neighbors as ourselves if we don’t know our neighbors. I need to do a much better job in the neighbor loving ministry.

  • Grandma

    This is truly what we need to do! Catch the spirit!

  • aster noveen

    Very Nice message .can we get some some messages to maintain and promote spiritual life .thanks (aster from Pakistan)

  • Christian Chinedu Emezi

    simple and direct,I love this so,so,so much.