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Steven Furtick: When you’re a conqueror, you win because of what you can do. When you’re more than a conqueror, you win because of what’s already been done.

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  • Paul Sandeep

    Amen. This also makes us conquers over all the earthly feelings such as hatred, lust, temptation, unforgiving nature which diverts us from being righteous in HIS sight, all these things that human are prone to, but, Lord Jesus Christ conquered all these temptation by the love of the father which made him more than a conquer’ er and he gave us a chance to be more than conquer’ er freely by forgiving us and giving it all up for our sake on THE CROSS. We just have to believe in Him. I thank and rejoice in the lord for showing this message through you. god bless you brother.

    • Richard UK

      1. Are you saying that Jesus thereby GAVE US THE CHANCE TO BE more than a conquerors? That’s ALL He did – gave us a chance, as He did to Adam & Eve?

      2. Yourself, are you taking each and every one of these CHANCES?

      3. Why is there still sin in your life? Did He or did He not save you from sin?

      4. So what does He think about your continuing sin?

      5. More importantly, what will He DO about it? Awwh, maybe give your another CHANCE? repeated Adam trials?! Where does it stop?

  • Jonathan Hughes

    Being more than conquerors means this: no matter what with Jesus in us we win no matter what a person does to us that is seen or spirits that are unseen does to us we are still winners. No matter what people did to Jesus in his life or at the end as people saw it Jesus was still a conqueror. That conqueror will not see Gods glory as hell when Jesus comes back with power and great glory. Devils flee Gods glory. They see it as hell. They see that as Gods wrath his vengeance. That vengeance devours evil to be no more.

  • Mike Spencer

    y’know, this pep-rally, feel-good, smoke-blowing little eisegetical nonsense is not helpful to anyone. The apostle Paul is not telling us that we are meant to rule and reign in everything, or that “Christians are winners” This passage is, once again, not about us as much as it is about Christ. We conquer because He has conquered. Unless you consider martyrdom winning here on earth, Furtick, once again, is misinterpreting scripture, as he so often does, to suit his need to puff up his audience. Christian, you need to abandon the “Word Of Faith” and “Dominion” heresies that Furtick seems to be courting with his preaching.