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A Powerful Story of Love and Faith

At 29 years old, Nick Vujicic married the love of his life, Kenae Miyahara. But if you had asked him before meeting Kenae if he would ever get married, he would have probably told you no.

If you know about Vujicic, you know he was born with a rare condition called phocomelia, which robbed him of his limbs. As you can imagine, Vujicic had to learn to overcome the thoughts of self-doubt and depression he faced as a child and teenager. He relied heavily on his faith in God and a positive attitude.

Vujicic started speaking to crowds at the age of 19. Ever since, his passion is to encourage others and inspire them to overcome life’s challenges.

In the following video, Nick and Kenae share their love story, which is a testament to true love and faith in God’s provision. Once again, Nick had to overcome. This time it was the thought that he would never find someone who loved him. As you’ll see in the video, God came through once again for Nick.

Kenae says she had dated other men before, and had admired different things about their physical attributes, but when she met Nick, she was “looking for other things, and all of those things I found them in him.”

Nick says when he and Kenae were dating, people would notice the couple holding hands and come up and say “now I believe in true love again.”

“He might not be perfect on the exterior, but he’s the perfect match for me,” Kenae says.

In the interview, the couple discusses the challenges they’ve faced in light of Nick’s condition.

Nick describes Kenae as “the greatest dream that’s ever come true for me.”

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