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Praise Dancer Sticks Landing

You know when you’re in the house of God and you’re worshiping with all your heart, mind, and body and you just feel so much freedom you can’t control yourself?

That is apparently how this praise dancer felt when his routine didn’t go exactly as he had planned. The dancer, named Onyx, accidentally back flips into a picture of Whitney Houston. In another video where he answered questions about the incident, Onyx explains the event was held in a Baptist church and was geared toward women in the church. Houston’s picture was in the front of the sanctuary because “she was loved by many,” according to Onyx.

Despite the gaffe he makes during his dance routine, though, Onyx recovers beautifully and even takes a few beats to clean up the debris. He clearly understands the concept of the show needing to go on.

It’s so perfect we can’t do it justice with words—you’ll have to watch it for yourself.

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