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This praise dancer does backflips for Jesus. Unfortunately, he doesn’t always land on holy ground. But we give him mad props for cleaning up the debris and, well, acting like nothing happened.

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  • Charley Bazzell

    I don’t even know what to say or where to begin, but my first response is, “Why did the leaders of this church think letting someone do a ballet/gymnastic performance in the middle of the assembly was a good idea to begin with?” What’s next, pole vaulting for Jesus or better yet, syncretized swimming in the baptistery?

    • Britton Wesson

      Don’t be a hater. Gotta understand the particular church culture, bro.

      • Charley Bazzell

        Definitely not hating, just curious and somewhat confused as to why a performance like this was considered edifying to a group of Christians assembled to worship the Lord and encourage each other. If the young man arrived at the church building in a wheel chair and was healed, I get it! But otherwise, I just don’t get it. I would be equally curious and confused if a “Cowboy” church decided to lasso a steer in the middle of communion. Just because something is not “wrong,” doesn’t make it right or appropriate to do. Just my thoughts on the matter, for what they’re worth. And since I’ve never parallel parked a train, my 2 cents is probably worth only that, 2 cents. Have a good one.

        • Jina Appa

          I’m going to agree with you Charley. I’m confused how this is considered “worship”. Maybe this isn’t “wrong” but you’re correct, this is not right for glorifying God. Personally I just thought it was funny and amusing. You can worship the Lord in many other ways that don’t require you being Mary Lou Retton. Sorry, but that’s just my 2 cents.

          • John Smith

            2 Samuel 6:14
            And David danced before the Lord with all his might. And David was wearing a linen ephod.

        • Caryl Randolph

          The Word tells us that we are to glorify the Lord with our praises, and that includes dancing. Remember, David danced in the spirit of the Lord until he had danced right out of his clothes. Now I bet that was a site to behold. There are so many scriptures that refer to dancing and singing when worshiping. BTW, It’s not a cultural thing it’s a Jesus, worship thing. I’ve been to many churches black and white where dancing is included in their worship. With that being said I think someone on the ministerial staff should have made certain the picture was placed where it would not have been in the way. But, what’s really most important here is do you think Jesus cared that the young man crashed into the pulpit causing the picture to fall. I doubt it. Just my opinion given with the utmost respect.

          • Charley Bazzell

            Hey Caryl, I appreciate your spirit and your comments, in fact, something you said made me dig a little deeper in the scriptures on this matter, and that’s always a good thing. After looking at an NIV concordance, I found there actually aren’t as many scriptures about dancing and praising God as one might think. Most of them, as one might guess, were found in the Old Testament, but only three from Psalms, which was surprising to me. Many of the references, in one way or another, were connected to David, whether a reference to his dancing or dancing that others did in honor of him. Of course, as you referenced, many are aware of David dancing before the Lord in a “linen ephod,” so clearly there is a place for joy and dancing in the life of a believer. However, even in those churches where individual praise dancing is included in their worship assembly, I suspect many would be made terribly uncomfortable if a man or woman, during their dance, stripped down to their underwear and praise danced around the pulpit. At least, I know I would be. Also, I’m not sure that comparing praise dancers in the worship assembly today with what David did on his way into Jerusalem is an apples to apples comparison. Again, as I said before, just because something might not be wrong or sinful in and of itself, i.e. dancing for joy, doesn’t make it the right thing to do in every context. If I understand Paul in 1 Cor. 14, when the church is assembled, our actions are not just to give worship and honor to God, but they should also edify and strengthen believers. I guess I’m just having a hard time understanding how someone dancing and doing back flips in the middle of worship is edifying and serves the purpose of strengthening the faith of believers. As I said, if someone came to the assembly in a wheelchair and the Lord healed them, then turn all the back flips you can and give the Lord a shout!. Otherwise, I’m not sure how turning back flips and twirling and twisting your body is edifying to others and/or capable of strengthening ones faith in Jesus. Fortunately, we don’t have to be twins in this case to be brother and sister, so we may just have to agree to disagree on this one and seek out a church family that speaks to us in ways that do edify and strengthen our faith. God bless.

          • Caryl Randolph

            Good morning Charley…..First, let me just say I literally loud out laughed regarding the “back flips.” The back flips even for me were a bit much.

            You went to the Word, excellent! Daily I remind folks to look for and find the answers for themselves, by reading their Bible. You made several very interesting points and I appreciate the continued dialogue

            Charley, I wasn’t comparing David to today’s worshipers, OMGoodness, could you imagine the chaos in today’s churches if David were here to dance out of his “linen ephod,” I used David only to remind us that dancing before the Lord is acceptable in God’s sight.

            For me personally, I would much rather spend my time before the Lord in praise and worship, song and dance, (without back flips) just being in the presence of the Lord is enough for me.

            Thank you for sharing your views, and yes, my brother in Christ, it’s perfectly ok to agree to disagree. God bless you Charley.

          • Charley Bazzell

            Thank you Caryl for your beautiful spirit and words of encouragement. May the LORD bless you this day, as well.

          • Caryl Randolph

            You bet Charley….Look forward to more posts of interest.

          • Latoshia

            You are right David dance in the spirit. It didn’t say David practiced his dance before hand (which most people do now days) or did it to the entertainment of others. It was to praise and worship God. What is going on in today’s world is people have forgotten the true meaning of praise and worship. Its is to glorify the Lord.Its not to glorify yourself or for the entertainment of others. No one can show me any where they practice dancing before hand in the Bible concerning praising God.

        • Guest

          Love the discussion between Charley and Caryl. This is how comments should be done! Would it make a difference, however, if this were a memorial service? If the dancer was the woman’s son? If this interpretive dance was a means for him to show the congregation how happy his mom is in heaven? Let’s not be too quick to judge what we know little about. The crashing into the picture was unfortunate and was probably not funny to those in attendance. On the other hand, maybe the woman would have laughed at that as well.

          • Charley Bazzell

            Hi Mark, thanks for the compliment. To answer your question, yes, it would make a difference to me. I said what I said because I assumed it was a group of believers gathered for worship. That may have been an incorrect assumption on my part. If it was a memorial service for someone the young man knew or was related too, then my observations and comments were completely out of line and I apologize for them. Thanks for reminding me not to be so quick to assume I always know what’s going on!

          • Mark Evans

            I tried to delete this comment and place it in line with the original post but I guess it showed up here anyway as a “guest”. I also did not know what’s going on in the video.

            Charley – you have a great sense of humor and that did not go unnoticed. Glad to hear your input especially when you so humbly interact with others who agree or disagree with you.

          • Charley Bazzell

            Thanks again, Mark. I try not to take myself too seriously. Just trying to interact with others of like faith and mind and be encouraging in the Lord. Enjoy your weekend and be blessed. Maybe we’ll interact again in the future on another matter.

    • Jina Appa


  • Nelson Mansmella

    I did that same praise dance last year and did NOT hit the pulpit

  • Emanuel

    ROFL!!!!!!!! ahahahahhahahahaha!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been to churches that have had dancers before, but never crashing into the pulpit!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahabahahahahahahabbababahahahaha! I can’t hardly stand it!!!!

  • deandeguara

    Hope that wasn’t a memorial service? Why else would there be a picture in front of the pulpit?

    • Andrew Mason

      Lol, I was thinking the exact same thing!

  • truthinlove

    Many churches that are liturgical, evangelical, or Messianic worship God with dancing. It’s Biblical.

  • Aguacatico

    No doubt A.W. Tozer and many others Christian 100, and 50 years ago gave us a warning ticket about all this “worship ideas” from today, The Culture is driving the churches to change what is for the Biblical grow of the body of Christ for what is for the entertainment of some. The churches are not preaching houses anymore now the churches are clubs where people go to have a good time and show others that they have a gift from God even if the gift is jumping around the pews. The man shift end is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. First is Glorify GOD. This dancing show bring not glory but shame.

  • michael virimai charle chipere

    let everyone dance and praise the Lord not to come and be entertained by someone saying he is praising and dancing for God,the 24 elders in God’s throne worship him how about church goers ,instead you go to church to be entertained,give God his glory.

  • Mark Evans

    Would it make a difference, however, if this were a memorial service? If the dancer was the woman’s son? If this interpretive dance was a means for him to show the congregation how happy his mom is in heaven? Let’s not be too quick to judge what we know little about. The crashing into the picture was unfortunate and was probably not funny to those in attendance. On the other hand, maybe the woman would have laughed at that as well. Love the discussion between Charley and Caryl. This is how comments should be done!

    • Caryl Randolph

      Hi Mark…thank you for your very kind words. Your mention of “memorial service” is quite interesting. Mime and praise dancing have become quite popular during memorial services, and Sunday services, within many black churches, and thus far I’ve not been offended nor have I ever been led to question why this form of praise is added to the order of service. That’s not to say I’ve not attended services where I thought I was being entertained, or that the service itself wasn’t a bit over the top, but that’s where our discernment comes in. When it doesn’t rest well in my spirit, whether it’s the preached word or worship, I make a quick exit.

      What I continue to find most interesting with regards to the ongoing dialogue is the fact that the dancer knocked over the picture simply by accident, although I am still not sure why he incorporated back flips. Secondly, the comments regarding “practicing,” I’m chuckling as I type, yes, I’m convinced David didn’t practice, why would he have to, he was a man after God’s heart, and it’s obvious to me he gave no thought to those around him as he praised and danced before the Lord. And, just like us, there was one who found fault, she was offended, and we know what happened to her. David’s response, and I’m paraphrasing, “I will celebrate before the Lord.” Priceless.

      When in the spirit I dance. I praise our Heavenly Father with all that’s within me because I know without Him I am nothing. When you know, that you know, that you know, Jesus didn’t have to do it but he did….sometimes you just have to dance. Just my opinion given with the utmost respect. God’s blessing Mark.

      An afterthought…one year ago, February of this year, my family buried my 19 years old nephew. He lost his life tragically at the hands of another. I say this to say, during his memorial service a song was played entitled, The Struggle is Over, definitely not your traditional “funeral song” but a song in which the message was to remind us “the struggle is over” when you allow God to be first in your life. Praise God my nephew was saved. 27 people gave their lives to the Lord that day, 20 of which were teenagers. You can rest assure those of us who were already walking in salvation, danced!

      • Mark Evans

        Again, I am so pleased to see more comments written in humility and care for others. So many times I am embarrassed to see fellow Christian’s responding with such hatred and rudeness.

        I have no background on the video and whether it was a memorial or worship service or even a church meeting. My point is that just because it isn’t “how I worship” doesn’t make it bad. Imagine going to a different country to worship with them and then judging their service because it wasn’t like we do it at home.

        The issue of “practicing” doesn’t concern me either. Musicians practice, preachers practice (or should). Doing something with excellence takes practice. Actually, he should have practiced more so he knew where to land ;o)

        When it comes to “entertaining” I wonder how many people would go to a church where the pastor merely got up a read the scripture and everyone just sat and listened. They expect some entertainment – a good illustration, an anecdote, a moving story, etc. The same goes with special music, a video introduction, a testimony. We do it for God’s glory but also to keep people’s attention and get them involved and interested in the message.

        Caryl, I’m sorry to hear about your nephew. So glad it became a means of salvation for many.

        • Caryl Randolph

          Well said Mark.

          • Elizabeth

            Caryl, something you said in your story above touched my heart, “When in the spirit I dance. I praise our Heavenly Father with all that’s within me because I know without Him I am nothing. When you know, that you know, that you know, Jesus didn’t have to do it but he did….sometimes you just have to dance.” I love to worship the Lord through dance. Mostly just in my quiet alone times with Him, but it is so true sometimes I just cant express it with words. I have to dance. May I use your quote to share with my friends?

  • Michael Adams

    I ask you…
    Why would any sane person want to know more about Christianity with this as an example of the Tom-Foolery in the church today????

  • Dustin Marvin

    naw naawww…… God never sanction that in God’s house in his house to be entertain. ive heard from so much that people who say they love God justifying it to use the bible with it. man is more like making an having there own place look good with now sound doc. no power thats not power thats intertainment insread being about the Fathers business.WHEN DID JESUS ENTERTAIN HIS PEOPLE.


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