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Can we have a civil discussion about this potentially explosive issue?

Jefferson Bethke shares his thoughts about tattoos. What do you think? 

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  • Leo

    If you got a tattoo thats good for you but don’t go arround promoting it like you are some kind of a pope for the youth.

  • Allan Fraser

    I have never been sure either way about tattoos but this is reasonably convincing as a ‘for’. I am looking for some ‘against’ reasons now to counterbalance.

  • MEPS

    Hello! I think that instead of saying that because I do not follow the rest, I should not follow this counsel, it is better to say that we should follow all of them…!!!

  • Fred

    I have a different take on this. Any effort in rationalizing the word of God is recipe for chaos. Just convince me WHY tattoo at all? You have a better identity than a tattoo can give you or add to you.

  • Jim Berry

    No scripture is to be based, on any mans personal interpretation … God said no tattoo’s .He also said, no to balaam and then balaam believed God said yes Ezeliel 14:4 states he will answer us according to the idols set up in our hearts… I have tattoo’s from before my conversion . 7 seven different tatooists tattooed me,…God set me free using these verses in proverbs 1: 10-19 . When blood is involved such as the consummation of a marriage, a covenant takes place .In tattooing blood flows, after the needle penetrates . After I was shown this and had received prayer strong cravings, of lust and desires to drink alcohol subsided…This is my testimony .I have helped discourage many young people from tattoos . I worked at a timber mill and a man there, said people get tattoos because they think it makes them tougher .Only they must have been weaker to start with . I agree I regret these tattoos and got them for acceptance, with my peers. I would love to be rid of them all . So I can honour God with my Body …..

  • Zack

    Although I appreciate the context that Jefferson points out I think it is the worship aspect that has often caused me pause. If we think of our tats as a form of worship, aren’t we simply adopting a pagan practice that God has not necessarily asked for? It’s as if we are trying to Christianize tattoos when we should be more concerned with the motive of our hearts. That to me is a much deeper issue than if someone wants to express art on their skin. I don’t need a reminder on my skin to help me remember I am forgiven, set free, that Jesus was crucified, or who I love. If I just want to simply be artistic – okay – just don’t call it an expression of worship.

    What then would be my motive in wanting a tat? Personal expression? Maybe. Is that wrong? Not necessarily. Evangelism? Possibly. Yet shouldn’t our lifestyle set us apart more than the clothes we wear or the ink on our skin?

    This is an issue I don’t argue with people over because ultimately I feel it is a matter of conviction – a work of the Spirit. However, I would say if we are trying to use tats as a form of worship then we might want to reconsider why we think adopting a pagan way of worship is honoring to God? If we can’t find a good answer to this question then why move forward in getting inked … unless, of course, we have an alternative motive.

    Let’s simply choose to commit to being fully honest before God regarding the motive of our heart before we let our skin tell the story. Unfortunately, our skin doesn’t always display our true heart – just ask the guy inked full of his EX.

    • Brian

      I would certainly HOPE for any Christian their lifestyle would speak MUCH louder than any clothes, tatoos, or bumper stickers on thei vehicles! But if the lifestyle is there….can’t some of these things further our evangelistic efforts…depending on the situation, of course!

      • Zack

        Brian, sure it can help us gain some acceptance by nonbelievers in some cases. My point is even if that is the case that is not a good motivation for getting one. My first motivation should be to glorify Christ. If a person doesn’t really want a tattoo, do you think they will get one just to be evangelistic? No. Although tattoos can be evangelistic in some cases, they are in most cases not the underlying motive of the heart. My challenge I just to seek God and really be honest about the motive, not the by product of getting inked. Paul’s markings were not self inflicted to be evangelistic although in the end they became a testimony to his faith in Christ.

      • Brian

        I agree with you. Like i said in another post, I can’t for the life of me understand why someone would want a tattoo. But i also realize that people do. MAybe their motives aren’t the best, but still, I won’t say it’s the worst thing a Christian can do, nor do I even think it, by itself, is sinful. But, as you pointed out, it’s all about the underlying motive. And that could be sinful…

        • Brian

          Sorry, meant to put this as a reply to you, Zack…

  • Elie

    I do not condemn people on that basis, but rationalizing and defending are not needed either. It is my choice not to tattoo myself, partly because of the culture it reflects…But you are right, properly contextualized, everything in God’s Words is binding…and this really says a lot about how so many clearer principles are just conveniently set aside ignored or even deliberately changed. I would argue that convenience is the culprit here in this video. I usually enjoy your video but this one, I do not like it…

  • michael heath

    I agree Jeff, we often take scripture out of context and pick & choose what from the OT we want to follow. I think getting tattooed is a personal thing where we need to be governed by the Holy Spirit & check our motive and subject matter. I also agree that we are unbalanced when dealing with certain topics. People will say to me about tattoos, “keep your temple pure” yet some of these individuals are greatly overweight and put all kids of processed garbage and fried food into their body. However this exposes a bigger issue that as a pastor I have to deal with. We in ministry preach our personal convictions as truth when they may just be our personal preferences. Remember Jesus said in Matt – 15:8-9 These people honor Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me. They worship Me in vain, teaching as doctrines the commands of men.”

    • Brian

      I think this is a HUGE problem in the church today. Essentially, we are ADDING to the Gospel when we do this. We may not say it outright (or maybe we do!) but we give the impression that certain preferences are required for being a full member of our church. And we know what the Bible says to those that add ANYTHING to the pure Gospel message…or at least I HOPE we do….

      • Juanita Gilbo Ricard

        And you know what Revelation says about changing the Word of God.

        • C.Brian Ross

          The end of the Revelation actually applies only to that particular book!

          Blessings, and shalom.

          • amos8

            … so should we feel free to add to, take away from, or change any other book of the Bible? Or is Deuteronomy the only other book off limits?

            “Do not add to what I command you and do not subtract from it, but keep the commands of the Lord your God that I give you.”

            “See that you do all I command you; do not add to it or take away from it.”

            [I’m pretty sure you know this, but I thought I would needle you a bit. Either way, obviously the principle of not changing God’s Word prevails.]

          • C.Brian Ross

            Ah Amos8. Living up to the reputation of your distinguished forerunner!! Of course I agree that the Word of God should not be tampered with. No problem there. However, as with Rev.3:20, Rev 22:18-19 is quoted (almost ad nauseum) out of context. I’ll add the rest of my response below in my reply to Juanita R

          • Juanita Ricard

            No sir. It applies to the whole Bible. Too many people change the Word of God to suit themselves. Nothing is to be taken out of context in Gods Word. Read the whole Bible, you will see I am speaking the truth.

          • C.Brian Ross

            Hi Juanita. It may be that we will have to agree to disagree! However, please permit me to make a couple of salient points.

            “I warn every one who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if any one adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book, and if any one takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.”

            1. When John penned these words, there was no single “book” of the Bible as we know it, today. Indeed, as is well-known, the Bible is not a “book”, but a library of 66 books! Therefore he could not have been referring to our modern, single volume, Bible!

            2. He refers to “… the words of the book of this prophecy, …” Please be assured that his use of language indicates that he is referring to the book which, under the inspiration of God the Holy Spirit, he has just written.

            Blessings, and shalom.

  • Brian

    I look at it like most anything else. By itself, it is not sinful. But as with most things, taken to an extreme, it can be. But just like with overeating, overworking, oversleeping, etc, etc, etc…it isn’t the activity itself that is sinful…it is the person’s attitude toward it that is.

  • Joe Rhoads

    I think getting tattoos is stupid. Why in the world would anyone want to mark up their body like that? Now, having stated my opinion, in essence, Jeff is right. The Levitical command to not tattoo was to separate the Israelites from the practices and the culture of the surrounding pagan nations, to be different. If you believe that the prohibition against tattooing is still binding today, then you must demonstrate why it’s still binding while many of the other Levitical commands are not, especially those commands in immediate context with the prohibition against tattooing.
    Having said that, if you are tattooing as a form of worship, then I must strongly advise you that is pagan concept. Even if you are getting a tattoo as a form of worship to Jesus Christ, we are prohibited from using pagan modes of worship. You see modes of worship that both Christian and non-Christian share (the use of music, preaching, sacrifices, offerings) but there are modes of worship that are uniquely Christian and uniquely pagan. Never has the church adopted tattooing as a mode of worship.
    I guess my advice is: just be careful.

    • Brian

      In the book of Leviticus, there are rules for servants (slaves). The Bible says if you have a servant, they are to serve you for 7 years, and then be released. BUT, if that servant (slave) WANTS to stay with you, BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU, the Bible commands you to shove an Awl (spike!) through the slaves earlobe and into the doorpost of youe home thereby MARKING him, and your home, for life.
      Also, Paul “bore on hs body the marks of our Lord”, This was from the lashes and beatings that he took for the cause of Christ, but still….he considered them, in a way, as a type of worship. And they were there for all to see what Jesus really meant to him…
      As for the pagan thing: the Bible even says we can eat meat sacrificed to idols, because we are pure. The only time we should refrain is if it could hinder the faith of others. Not too many people today that consider a tattoo of a cross or Jesus as being a type of pagan worship. So we are pretty much OK….

      • Brian

        But I also hold the OPINION that i don’t like tattoos. i don’t understand at all why anyone, Christian or non-christian, would get them just for fun. But…I dont see anything in Scripture to really prohibit it, either…

  • Drae

    You know when young in the faith come to me about tattoos I don’t give them the exegetical response because they have no idea what that even means. But what I do say is this. I got tattoos and I knew who God was and I did it anyway to be defiant to my parents and faith (lack thereof). Now that I serve him I still have them and you know what, I am still saved and love him more and more. To follow the letter of God’s law as our saving grace means to follow all of it. We become slaves to it. You have to decide in your heart and through prayer is this something that would honor God. Also is this something that may cause my brother to stumble. It is all about a heart issue and relationship with God. The bible says The sting of death is sin and the power of sin is in the law. Since we are saved by God’s grace and his grace alone we must remember that following the letter of the law will not buy our place in heaven. We follow God’s Spirit and his Spirit guides us into becoming the image of Christ.

    Just because we are free from the curse doesn’t give us the right to exert liberalism from God. Even tattooing can become your idol if your heart is not in the right place. -Be blessed and a blessing

    • Brian

      And your comment certainly IS a blessing!!!!!

      • Drae

        Then I am happy. Love you

  • Joseph Lim

    The simple truth is that God speak so plainly that it is prohibited. Period.
    why try to reason around it whether contextual or sin or not sin issue?
    God just said, don’t do it, just obey and it be allright. Why try to justified
    and reason around it, no wonder we’re just so lost and oblivious.

    • Brian

      Because, as with ALL Old Testament commands, there is a REASON they are there. It’s never just about obeying a law. Not looking at it from a new Testament perspective, anyway.
      Why does God prohibit wearing clothes made out of different types of materials? I bet every single person has broken this command…most likely even at this very moment! Is it a sin because we do so? Or is there another reason why God gave this command…like maybe to signify we should be diplaying PURITY to the world?

  • Paul

    I’m [sort of] on board with you regarding the Leviticus
    passage, but I believed you [intentionally] stopped WAY short of the “biblical principle” in 1 Corinthians 6 starting in Vs. 12.

    Yes Paul was mostly speaking toward sexual sin, but the “passage” also deals with the principle of who we are.

    Saying that Paul is only speaking to our soul and not including the effects it has on our physical body – shorts the overall intent of the passage.

    Our soul as well as our body is not our own. Although some may over-state 1Cor 6 – you have understated it.

    As for referencing Revelation 19 – “on His thigh” are you not doing what you’re accusing others of doing – hmmmmm. Two wrongs don’t make a right even in jest.

    You seem like an intelligent person who has given this some thought
    [which I appreciate because sooooo many others haven’t]. However; I’d
    like to think “when I’m [you’re] 85 years old. . .”, your relationship with
    Christ is deep enough and strong enough where you won’t need to look at a tattoo
    on each wrist “so you can know you’re ‘still forgiven’ and ‘still loved’”.

    PS – My kids were bored one day so I told them to get some
    of the old paint out of the garage and have fun with the “church” van. So they
    painted some bible verses on it, some Greek phrases and a cross. When people
    from the church [who own the van] saw it I said; hey, don’t worry about it, the
    engine [soul] of the vehicle is fine, they only marked up the outside! ;-)

    Personally, some tattoos “look” nice, others look bad even
    if you’re not 85. And even if I make it to 105, “this body is not my own”, whether

    it’s food, general health & care or even tattoos.

  • Robert

    It is very interesting that you lay the whole tattoo issue on one verse bro. That is definitely not the only verse by which we use as “wisdom” to avoid inking up.
    I am a former ink man and have chosen to wise up and avoid inking up for other reasons… What about 1 Corinthians 6:15-20?
    Good wisdom “nuggets” from the NT bro.
    Also you analysis of Leviticus is shot man… Wow I have seen lots of commentators but yours is by far the weakest… Probably due to your inexperience and age. Not trying to be mean but your vid requires serious reviews on this hot topic. Not convinced..

  • Robert

    Also bro yes… There are biblical principles that we can live by. And yes 1 Cor. 6:15-20 would be a biblical principle.
    A great principle truthfully. But it’s amazing that all of a sudden when “young and spiritually immature” people tend to defend a hot one, they all of a sudden become “anti-principle.”
    Just saying bro.

  • Manny DeSilvia

    You quote Lev 19 wrong, you say in verse 23 it includes planted food
    and it is fruit of the tree only, this is done still today. Not because
    of pest or insects as you claim. But because G-d consider it to be
    uncircumcised. It is His decision, His wisdom not to eat of eat.
    Again, you can not eat of the tree of good and evil, here in is another
    example of our free will to obey or not obey what G-d calls unclean or
    not to touch.
    Next you quote Lev 19 wrong, you say in verse 26 about
    eating a meat rare with blood in it. This again is not the case, what
    is being said is in light of the law on kosher killing of animals and
    draining the blood properly. It has nothing to do with the eating of a
    rare piece of meat. It has everything to do with the proper way to
    slaughter an animal and draining the blood today, Again this is done
    today in pratice because G-d wants us to obey His guidelines.

    recommend you discuss Law with those that understand its roots and what
    G-d meant in light of all the Law. These verses are intended to be
    tied with all of the Law and not as one Verse. You need to maybe learn
    more on the Law and how it works.

    Now, all of this
    to bring us to your point of Tats. Let me say, I do not judge someone
    with tats, and I do believe if you have them you face the punishment for
    having them as outline in the Word of G-d. What is that punishment you
    ask? Check carefully now, there is none. Thus because there is no
    punishment, this is one of the few Laws that is not considered a “sin”
    as most people want it to be.

    As to tats for the dead, I
    see this all the time. People that place the names of the dead on
    them, tats of pagan gods or goddess. They still do this today and it is
    wide spread among the catholic church.

    Finally, as
    you stated correctly it is to separate the people from the other
    nations and its false worship. So they would be different and look
    different and that my friend is the real issue at hand. Do we want to
    be different and look different than the world? or do we want to be like
    the world? This is not a judgement I can make for you or anyone else,
    these are personal decision as you correctly state. But one should
    never push a personal decision to others by justifying it to them so
    they follow your example.

  • Ernie

    How about this scripture, you are not your own. Therefore glorify God in your body. You are temple of God. Do you mind sir if I bring a can of spray paint to your house and spray it tattoo it with graffiti. You say no? Why? Because it is not my house. You didn’t buy. Well sir you were bought with a price. Your body is not yours to do as you please.

    • Brian

      True. But at the same time, do you EVER eat anything that is bad for you? Do you EVER eat too much? Do you EVER get less (or more) sleep than you should? Wouldn’t any of these things be sinful in light of that Biblical concept?
      Those verses all apply as well. Also, verses like “all things are permissable, but not all things are beneficial.” And while people may disagree, even strongly, on whether tattoos are beneficial or not, it’s hard to prove that they are not permissable, in and of themselves….

      • Ernie

        Nope I take care of my body. I’m not overweight, I exercise regularly. Because it is the temple. Quit trying to justify friend.

        • Brian

          There’s no justification needed. There’s nothing to prevent it from bring done. And if you read my other comments, you would know I don’t have any tattoos, piercings, ro anything of the sort. In fact, I don’t know why people would even want those types of things!
          Yet, I’m not going to use the Scriptures to try and force people into following my personal preferences. BTW, even if you take care of your body, there have been times when you’ve done something not-so-healthy to it, haven’t you? Then, by your rational, that would be sin as well. If one can be forgiven, so can the other…

      • Ernie

        Hey Brian is it permissible for me to bring a can of spray paint to your house and tattoo it? I’m pretty good at writing my name:-) If you dont want me to do it I will find a professional. All things are permissible.

        • Brian

          Talk about taking a verse completely out of context! How does that help prove your point, or make me think you are interested in an inteligent discussion on the matter?

      • hang10

        To Brian,
        Let us not take one ‘wrong’ or minimally questionable behavior to justify another? Ever hear of ‘when in doubt, don’t’?

        I think you missed one major hermeneutic in your whole dialogue and greater context of the whole Law of Moses, that of the Nation of Israel to be a holy (different, distinct, unique, set apart for special use, sanctified) people unto God and not “looking like or acting like” the other nations. Come out from among them, be separate, different, what does light have to do with darkness kind of an idea, not look like, act like the rest of the world just because some kind of fad is motivating your emotions and not just ‘christianizing’ something that again, at the bare minimum Scripture speaks to in a kind of specific way. It is not how much like the world can I do, say, act like and still be a Christian. It is how much like Christ will I be like, interior first and exterior second. Your out of context ‘proof text’ from Rev. can easily be explained that Jesus has a robe on, it is odd that you left that one off. But that is not unusual. Whenever we ‘really want to do something’, we will find all kinds of ways to rationalize it. Yes, all things are permissible, but they are not all beneficial.
        I will not look down on you for your tats, but your path to arrive there I will call into question. Have a great day!

        • hang10

          oops, I thought it was Brian, the above was for Jeff

        • Brian

          I’ll answer anyway! LOL!
          We are to be different from the world, but we aren’t to be different just for different’s sake. If you know about the other religion’s in the ancient middle east, there are many O.T’ commands that are very similar. Believe it or not, a lot of secular scholars even think the Hebrews took their laws directly FROM the cultures around them!
          The difference was that the Israelites were to serve ONE God….THE God. And that God demanded attonment for sin by blood sacrifice. Those are the differences.
          Tattoos, even if you don’t prefer or agree with them, don’t really keep a person from serving God.

          • hang10

            never said they did stop someone from serving God, that is not the issue. 1 Cor. says “such were some of you…” talking about the sinfulness of humanity that came to salvation in Christ at the Corinthian church and then living that out in every area of life, including our outward appearance and especially how our actions are to be for the good of our brothers/sisters in Christ and putting them ahead of our own desires & actions like Christ did for us. The issue is God’s word, applying it properly to every area of life, glorifying God in all we do (especially after we know Christ as savior) and being more like Christ.

  • Apostle S E Mckinney

    Bomber not an explanation but wrestling of the scriptures an error in the Word it is just something you want to do. If the Word said donot do it even if some one is wrong you will be judge by what you do.

  • jim

    Jeff is just showing youthful ignorance and arrogance. Fast talk doesn’t equal reasoned expression. Context can be manipulated too. People find ways to justify their errors. We know that not doing something is always better than doing it and then trying to justify it. That’s all I get out of this video. Just more evidence of our declining culture.

    • Drae

      The thing is that I see no one talking about Walking in the Spirit. I hear people talk about law this and law that and that is still important but I don’t hear very much about peoples own personal relationship with God and his Holy Spirit who should be the one guiding our every decision. The Spirit is the one that will veto anything we do that is against God. If we are walking in the Spirit moment by moment then we are walking with God instead of ourselves. The Word of God has to be taken in a whole and not just sections. – Be blessed and a blessing

      • Juanita Gilbo Ricard

        Yes we should walk in His Spirit. For we are not under the Levitical law but we are under God’s Grace. Which perhaps another day we can discuss which of man’s law can we obey without going against God.

  • norab

    Why do we let the world set the standard?

  • Adelphos

    Jeff, what in the world are you talking about? Are you looking for a legitimation for your tattoos? OR what is your intention doing this video?

  • Tjd

    This guy just wants to feel justified about his tattoos. I wonder if the thought ever crossed his mind that “if I happen to be mistaken, maybe I shouldn’t post this on the Internet, in case I lead people through the wide gate”. He will find out one day.

    • Tjd

      Because of Amy’s post, I would like to retract this post. I do not believe a tattoo warrants a person out of heaven. I have taught my children not to get tattoos in honor of their body belonging to God. Teaching contradictions so boldly frustrates me. That should not trump loving others nor gives excuse for being rude. I apologize to Jefferson and to all readers and thank Amy for her post.

      • Juanita Gilbo Ricard

        God bless you for teaching your children to honor God.

  • Tjd

    Argument not successful. Will remain tattoo less. Sorry you got deceived.

    • Tjd

      I would like to retract this post


    Our bodies are the temple of God, in which the Holy Spirit resides. Would you even consider scribbling graffiti all over the temple of God? I don’t care what it says, it’s disrespectful and nothing but self-centered, self will taking precidence over God’s will.

  • Amy

    I am disappointed at how those claiming to be Christ followers seem to so easily get distracted from what Jesus has asked us to do. We argue and debate things that are not salvation issues and forget simply LOVE one another, including those who are different or have different opinions. There are people going to hell… why choose to argue instead of join each other and realize that it takes all kinds of people to reach people… including those with tattoos.

    As a church planter with my husband, I had hoped to learn things from this website, but instead I have seen too many “debates” on things that divide instead of join the kingdom. I am officially unsubscribing.

    • Drae

      I agree. I enjoy healthy discussion and dialog but not at the expense of harming a brother or sister in Christ. It’s not worth that at all. I learn a lot here. Some things of what to do and some of things not to do. All is valuable information to me. And I filter through it all with the word and prayer. I’m sorry if your offended with this dialog. The fact is if a brother or sister is feeling detached then God is not getting the glory in it. I am sorry for your frustration. praying for you. – be blessed and a blessing

    • jan

      Amy you cant just check out like that. People need to hear these kinds of things. Not to minor on the majors. And major on Salvation issues.

    • Tjd

      Thank you for saying this. I am asking that my posts are removed. I don’t feel a tattoo keeps someone from heaven and I don’t go around talking against people with tattoos, but I do feel that this contradicts a parent if they teach their children not to and that is divisive as much as arguing against it. Regardless, I agree, arguing does not accomplish anything. Thank you for teaching me.

    • Paul

      Amy – switch to decafe’ ;-)

      A HUGE problem that the Christian community has is dialogue about how a person is to live a Godly life. I believe the reason Jefferson Bethke posted his video is to have this dialogue.

      I agree we can’t allow these discussion to distract us from sharing the Gospel and Reaching people for Jesus. However, once someone is a believer they have questions and are looking for answers.

      God didn’t make just evangelists, He made “teachers” as well, especially for those who are now His followers.

      I also agree that if discussions like this upset or frustrate you, close the webtab.

    • yodaho

      If we fail to correct error in the name of avoiding confrontation, then are we showing “love”?? Gal 6:1 exhorts us to correct a brother overtaken by a fault and we should obviously try to do in a manner not to offend, but to do nothing is certainly not love. Are you advocating that we should rather say, “don’t worry brother, I love you and will not correct you” and hope someone else will take on the task?
      Does God need someone to have a tattoo to reach someone? With the same logic, does God need someone to take drugs to reach a drug addict?

      Hopefully you have not unsubscribed and will continue to widen your understanding of how to minister the Word and contend with life.

      • Juanita Gilbo Ricard

        We can not change the world. Only Christ can. All we can do is obey Him, pray for others, live holy and let God do the rest. AMEN!

  • Colonel JDS

    Christ gives us freedom in such matters as long as they don’t become a stumbling block to others. As long as they are tasteful and do not dishonor the Lord, it should be an individual’s decision. When Jesus said it’s not what goes into the body that’s sinful, but what comes out of our mouths that can make us sinful, it could be inferred that it’s not what’s on our bodies that makes us impure, but the actions (and words) associated with those bodies that make them pure or impure. Bodies are but destructible vessels that contain the indestructible.

  • clacken

    There is nothing wrong with the hygienic laws(we are not talking about the Ceremonial laws here now-killing animals, etc) What’s wrong with not eating meat with blood and pork, etc? That would clear up a lot of diseases that has been PROVEN to be caused by eating meat with blood and tapeworms, etc. Romans 7:12 But still, the law itself is holy, and its commands are holy and right and good. AND Romans 7:16 And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good. and 1 Timothy 1:8 We know that the law is good if one uses it properly. We should live in a context where we are guided by the scriptures… any desire to follow worldly patterns will feed our rebellious, lawless souls and draw us further away from God. Having a tattoo for “Christ” is like being circumcised in the FLESH for “God”…. what does is profit if its not from the heart? Why wouldn’t our Spiritual testimony of our hearts be enough? Would we need to ADD to or enhance God’s Holy Spirit to convict someone of sin and invite them to the Kingdom by marking our flesh? Our love for the world will quickly lead us off the narrow way.

    • Juanita Gilbo Ricard

      And the same goes for circumcision for our sons. It is a health issue also. Medicaid has stop paying for it in some states and boys can’t get this done because their parents have no money. That is wrong.

  • William H Fix Jr

    1 Cornthians 3:17 If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

    take a look at the defile. this is what it means: phtheirō (pronounced: fthi’-ro)

    Probably strengthened from φθίω phthiō (to pine or waste): properly to shrivel or wither, that is, to spoil (by any process) or (genitive) to ruin (especially figuratively by moral influences, to deprave): – corrupt (self), defile, destroy.

    And the context is exactly as it says, our bodies are the temple of God now, for the bible also states that God no longer dwells in structures made by Man, but those made by himself. And this is definitely our bodies as he formed us in our earthly mother’s womb.

    And you are correct, in that there will be no anger, no ugly exchanges as God does not work that way. We live by grace and through his grace we love each other. God forces nothing on us, including salvation. I’m not the judge, just God through The Lord Jesus Christ, and he will judge us real soon per the scriptures.

    I have a few awesome friends who I love very much, in Christ Jesus, who have tats and i give no discussions either way on them.

    love ya sir.
    rev bill

    • Juanita Gilbo Ricard

      Bo disrespect intended but I find so many people who do not capitalize Bible, God, Jesus, and pronouns referring to Jesus. Why is this?

  • jan

    sorry to say guys but no on is going to hell because they have a tatoo, even 100 tatoos. This is not a salvation issue.

    • jan

      and no I dont have any tatoos

    • Paul

      Jan – did someone say a person with tattoos would?
      If they did, I agree, but most [if not all of the posts] didn’t
      say a person would.

    • Juanita Gilbo Ricard

      A person sends themselves to hell by rejecting God.

  • Tim

    Seriously this conversation is crap as far as I am concerned. If we would concentrate our efforts in actually loving and caing for people instead of judging everybodies sin…we could turn the world upsidedown with the GOOD NEWS instead of our arrogant pride that we have convinced ourselves that God is OK with. I am with Amy…I am done with this website.
    I simply encourage everyone to get back to loving people….because love makes a way where judging never will

    • Paul

      Tim [& Amy] – switch to decafe’

      A HUGE problem that the Christian community has is dialogue about how a person is to live a Godly life. I believe the reason Jefferson Bethke posted his video is to have this dialogue.

      I agree we can’t allow these discussion to distract us from sharing the Gospel and Reaching people for Jesus. However, once someone is a believer they have questions and are looking for answers.
      God didn’t make just evangelists, He made “teachers” as well, especially for those who are now His followers.
      I also agree that if discussions like this upset or frustrate you, close the webtab.

      • yodaho

        It did not seem to me he was wanting to have a dialogue, but rather to express his views and to justify his own tattoos.

        • Brivolbn7q!

          Hearts and motives maybe? Be careful.

          • yodaho

            Huh??!! Just expressed an opinion, what is there to be careful about? A lightening bolt to strike me?

          • Brivolbn7q!

            I just meant be cautious in how you appraise him. He has stated his reasoning for the video, and you’ve come very close to calling him a liar in saying that what he actually intended from the video was not what he said that he intended.

            I cannot see his heart or his motives for the video, and God is clear that we are not to assign motives or try to judge the hearts of men – that’s His territory.

            No disrespect meant, just a word of caution from a brother in Christ who will spend an eternity fellowshipping with you!

        • Juanita Gilbo Ricard

          He was as everyone else does, voicing his opinion. Let it go at that whether we agree or not. No two people agree 100%on every subject.

  • Rev Maybury


  • Pam

    God told the Israelites not to eat the blood of clean animals (Lev. 16) and therefore they drained the blood out of the animals before they ate them. I believe the many laws God gave them (His chosen people to spread the gospel in Old Testament days) are good for me, today, too!

    • Brian

      That’s fine. But you should realize that the New Testament calls those O.T. laws a “forshadowing” of the Gospel as it came in Jesus. So those laws still do have a purpose, but just not a literal one.
      Check your current clothing. Are ALL your garmets made of only ONE type of material? If not, you are breaking an O.T. command….and you most likely are wearing them to church!!!!

  • Pam

    I’m a Seventh-day Adventist and believe the Ten Commandments that God (Christ) gave us are a transcript of His character and can never be changed. He wrote them in stone with His finger! No church has the authority to leave out the second one and split the tenth one into two or change God’s holy seventh day Sabbath to the first day. The ceremonial laws foreshadowed Jesus Christ’s coming – the Lamb of God Who wants to take away the sin of the world if the world will let Him.

  • Sterling

    I noticed that he did not use context with the Revelation passage, just fyi. However, my main thought is concerning the “why” of having a tattoo. He called it a wisdom issue. That is a great way to frame this discussion. If it is in that context and if we are looking at “if” a tatttoo is wise to recieve, then could we then say that a believer should seek the Holy Spirit’s leadership along with pray concerning wisdom as well? The video was one that discounted the typical reason many use to prohibit a tattoo(Levitical passage), but I think he left much to be desired for those wondering togo about seeking wisdom. Maybe he will expound further in another video.
    However this issue, and for that matter many other issues related to the Bible and seem to be unclear about, deals directly with a believer’s testimony. Mind you this issue is about believers and how they live their life and not unbelievers. While many are judged for having tattoos, even if unfairly, those with tattoos, to my knowledge, hardly ever judged those that do not have any. For the believer who wants to love and reach out why would you create a wall that could possibly hinder ministry opportunities? We must be careful that in our freedom in Christ we do not allow ourselves to partake of a variety of things that may make a young believer stumble. This can also be true with a variety of other “wisdom” issues, which may be why Paul says that while all things may be permissible for the believer, not all things are beneficial(wise) to a life that seeks to make the most of Jesus.
    Therefore, here’s are some questions for those who are seeking an answer concerning whether they should get a tattoo to ask themselves as they consider their options.
    1-If I get a tattoo, will the tattoo have the potential to point to me or will it always point to Jesus, both to the unbeliever and the believer?
    2-If I get a tattoo will it have the potential of causing a young believer to stumble concerning their choices about tattoos?
    3-Am I getting this tattoo for me? If I am honest with myself am I putting God’s stamp of approval on it through justification or do I have a strong sense of the Holy Spirit leading me to have a particular tattoo on a certain place?
    4-How much prayer have I given to this choice?
    5-If I were to wait 3 weeks would I still have the same clear desire to have the same tattoo and am I willing to wait in order to guard myself against a possible impulsive decision?

    • push/pull

      Excellent post…I commented above…along the same lines…God expects our highest and most excellent praise..I do not honor God when I partake in worldly amusements such as this.

  • Minister Prophetess

    You are teaching false doctrine We are not to get tattoo it will attach demons to you I know aim a deliverance minister of God and you are not to wear earrings. And far as jesus tattoo king of king lord of lord. That is different . He god Stop twisting the scripture it will cast you in to darkness. God said in last days there would be false doctrine and teachers like you. Sending the sheep to erroe. We are not to eat meat with blood showing or cusing out we are to cook it. And there are other scripture that says no tattoo no earrings not cuts and marks. Stop teaching falseness and leading people from God truth you will go to darkness for this. May God have mersy on your soul.Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I [am] the LORD.

    1 Corinthians 6:19-20 – What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost [which is] in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? (Read More…)

    1 Corinthians 6:19 – What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost [which is] in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

    Deuteronomy 14:1 – Ye [are] the children of the LORD your God: ye shall not cut yourselves, nor make any baldness between your eyes for the dead.

  • Minister Prophetess

    We are not to have things on our body that will take glory from God even makeup that is why I stop wearing. You need to teach correctly you are teaching out of order .Repent Repent You need Repentance ,

    • Sam Thomas

      You are absolutely right. Today’s youths are being deceived due to liberal views on Scripture. Since we don’t rely upon the Holy Spirit, but rather human reason and wisdom, we err in many of the Biblical way of living.

      • Minister Prophetess


    • Guest

      I disagree with you there sister. Why should the church women look uglier than the women who don’t go to church? Alright … here comes the tongue lashing!!! But it’s true! I’ve visited a church full of ladies who don’t believe in wearing makeup. A few of them were pretty but most of them…. *shutter. I agree with this statement, “If the barn needs painted then by all means paint it!” I can say this because I’m a woman. I’m thankful my church walks in that freedom and liberty. If you think a little color on your face is a sin, well, so be it. I don’t, neither do I feel the need to repent of the wearing of makeup, or the cutting/dyeing of my hair.

    • Pastor Mike

      Let us allow Gods written Word to be our guide. Rom 14 is a good place to start. In verse 1 we are to receive even the weak in faith. Verse 2-4 talks about personal liberties. Verses 5-9 talk about personal convictions, Verses 10-13 is very important, keep in mind we will ALL give a personal account to the Lord. I think if we all take Eph 4:29 to heart we can stop a lot of this nonsense and place our focus back on Jesus Christ, the King of kings and the Lord of lords (which, by the way, this is written upon his thigh (Rev 19:16 And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. KJV)

  • Minister Prophetess

    And when you speak the truth of God You have every right to judge it is called Judge righteous . See you must live a holy righteous life to the best of your ability . Then you can Judge Righteously

    John 7:24 (King James Version)

    “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.”

    1 Corinthians 6:2-3 (New International Version)

    “Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if you are to judge the world, are you not competent to judge trivial cases? 3Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life!” (So aim aim judging you according to the word of God Stop teaching false doctrine that you can wear tattoo . We can not God word says so).

    Matt 7:6 says. “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs (the KJV says “swine”). If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces.” How are we going to know as undesirable the behaviors of “dogs” and “swine” if we do not judge?

  • doubtingthomasaquinas

    We must be very careful here, for it’s very easy to go wrong, and for very good reasons. This is the only verse in the entire Bible that addresses this issue, and it’s in the Hebrew part of the Bible. According to the discussion in Acts, the Hebrew ceremonial laws apply still to the people of the Law, but not to the people of the Church. If we can eat meat sacrificed to idols (because an idol is a ‘nothing’), if we do not need to perform circumcision on our eight-day-olds, then for the Christian a tattoo is not a sin.

    It’s very easy to think of the OT Law as normative for us, but that assumes a theory of inspiration that we may not have thought through, it makes us begin living according to works, not faith (taking our minds off the Giver of the Law, which was the Pharisees’ biggest problem), and it forgets our history, which is a history of love and sacrifice, not keeping rules and lists. Proverbs and Ecclesiastes call us to wisdom, not a ‘slavish fear’ of lawkeeping, and the life of our Lord, His sacrifice, His love (can you believe that he actually forgave that adulterous woman? That He forgave Zacchaeus? That He healed the centurion’s servant? That He ate with tax collectors and sinners? That He and His disciples harvested and ate grain on the Sabbath? That He talked with that woman at the well? That He was respectful to Pontius Pilate?)

    Here’s what Dorothy Sayers said about Hiim:

    ‘…he was tender to the unfortunate, patient with honest inquirers, and humble before heaven; but he insulted respectable clergymen by calling them hypocrites. He referred to King Herod as “that fox”; he went to parties in disreputable company and was looked upon as a “gluttonous man and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners”; he assaulted indignant tradesmen and threw them and their belongings out of the temple; he drove a coach-and-horses through a number of sacrosanct and hoary regulations; he cured diseases by any means that came handy, with a shocking casualness in the matter of other people’s pigs and property; he showed no proper deference for wealth or social position; when confronted with neat dialectical traps, he displayed a paradoxical humor that affronted serious-minded people, and he retorted by asking disagreeably searching questions that could not be answered by rule of thumb.’

    There is our Savior, and I’ll wager my salvation that He has no time for such silly questions as ‘Are tattoos sinful?’ That it has to be asked–and apparently it does–should embarrass us. Love, live, be gentle with others and ruthless with yourself, and do everything you can to make sure others hear of the Savior who loves them.

    Tattoos. Good grief.

  • Isaac

    Self absorption is what this thing is all about. This is the blight upon the Christian faith today.

  • oui oui forrealiam

    In the first part of the bible it says no tattoos no cutting of hair or beard no makeup ok but why did God make new part for us to go by if he didnt intend us to actually change with time if we are still living through the first part of the bible this may also mean that woman cant color or cut. Put any type of products in their hair or men cant shave or hide their greys we have to live all natural. Different religions have their belief if u serve God and Have ur set religion go by what ur taught at the end of the day only the true believers of EACH CHURCH WILL BE LIFTED meaning whatever law u have to abide by from whatever religion that believes in God Jesus Christ Holyspirit and u do it with all ur heart Ul be saved Only true Judge is the Lord we shouldnt worry what others do worry about urself and ur relationship with the Lord stop frowning on ppl for their choices cause at the end u cant save them and they cant save u Only our Lord Jesus Christ

  • PJ

    I am a pastor and I personally have no issues with tattoos. I counsel people not to get them even though they often do. I don’t have any either.
    Tattoos are not the issue.

    I have a question that I have not seen posed.
    What message message of transformation is sent to the world if our behavior as Christian is just like the world?
    The concept of being “holy” speaks to the “wholeness” we receive in Christ.
    People as a whole just want to be accepted.
    If we have been made accepted in the beloved, why seek acceptance from the world?
    We are in the world, but we are not supposed to be like it.
    We are commissioned throughout scripture to be set apart.
    Why are we as Christians seeking to look like the world?
    If we are found in Christ, wouldn’t it be better to seek acceptance through the transforming work of the cross not tattoos.

    My question is, “what is the next worldly fad the church will jump on?”

    • yodaho

      I agree with you in that some christians are always running after fads that the world establishes and then try to find excuses to justify copying them. Clothes we have to wear, but sticking things in our nose, lips and eyebrows are not necessary, just as tattooing “forgiven” and “loved” (in Greek) on our wrists and other forms of tattoo are also not necessary.

      This is really a feeble excuse for decorating your God-given body with a man made fad that has its origin in pagan worship.
      If the Bible explicitly stated I needed to have God’s Word tattooed on my body in order to reminded me of God’s love, then I would have to do it, but if it is a fad the world is following, do I have to follow their example even if I am discreet about it?
      So it is not just a matter of whether it is in the Old or New Testament or not, but do we have to follow the world’s ways. That also applies to music and many other fads.
      Just a friendly reminder to the video teacher, if you are a teacher of the Word, be careful what you teach is correct, because you will have to give an account.

      • Guest

        “Clothes we have to wear” – yes, yes please! :) The Amish would agree with you, and follow your line of logic. They don’t follow the fads of the world, and their clothes are the same clothes they’ve worn for hundreds of years. I’m assuming you’re one of them, since we shouldn’t be following the fads of the world – so I’m assuming you don’t wear ties, blazers, shorts, t-shirts, anything with any type of designs on them … right? Because that would be following the fads of the world, wouldn’t it? But then, since the Internet fits into that category the world’s new fads, what are you doing on here? :)

        On a serious note, do you really think that John 15 is talking about style issues? I would totally reject that interpretation of our Lord’s words in this passage. Jesus is saying that if you follow Him, you’re not going to fit into this world’s system – the world is going to reject you, because you follow Christ. This has nothing to do with tattoos, or clothes, or music, or any other style issue – it has to do with how you view the world, how you view yourself, and how you view sin. The world’s system chases after personal pleasure, wealth, popularity, and the owning of things. The follower of Christ rejects these as valid pursuits, and the world rejects him for it.

        If tattoos are a sin issue, then let’s show the Scripture that says it is a sin issue. If it isn’t, then let’s stop throwing out personal opinions and loosely transcribing misquoted scripture to make it seem sketchy.

        For the record, I have no tattoos and I’m absolutely terrified of needles – like, serious phobia … I’m a sissy. Also, scorpions. Scorpions are horrifying!

        • yodaho

          Do you know what a fad is? Normal ties, shorts, etc do not apply and yes, amish clothing is your logic, not mine! Try understanding the word first. I am within my rights to express an opinion just as you are or do you think that privilege just belongs to you? Yes, what you state about the world chasing after includes fads! Read what you just wrote again and who is just expressing an opinion!

          • Guest

            “If tattoos are a sin issue, then let’s show the Scripture that says it is a sin issue. If it isn’t, then let’s stop throwing out personal opinions and loosely transcribing misquoted scripture to make it seem sketchy.”

            First off, I re-read this and realized that it didn’t come across as intended, and that I should have been more careful in my words. I apologize, because it didn’t come across as I had wanted it to and my sin clearly was displayed in my writing. I repent of those harsh words, and hope that you will understand that I really do mean you no disrespect. You have my apologies. I absolutely believe you are entitled to an opinion, and I appreciate you as a brother in Christ as well as dialoguing about your opinions.

            Secondly, now that my stupidity is out of the way (hopefully), yes – I know what a fad is :an intense and widely shared cultural enthusiasm for something. As such, I do see clothes as fitting into that. Ties for example were not always around, and they won’t always be. They are something that the culture has jumped all over as a way to show professionalism. It’s something that has originated in the world, and that we as the church have been influenced by. So yes, I do believe that the Amish fit into that category – they believe the “fads” of the world regarding clothes are not something that they should engage in because they are called not to be “of” the world.

            There are things that the world does that we ought to outright reject as sinful (Example: pornography). There are things that the world does that we ought to accept, because there is nothing sinful about them and we can do them to the glory of God (Example: Sports). And there are things that we as believers ought to redeem, taking what is used by the world as sinful but made by God and using it to the glory of God (Example: Christmas, Easter, etc … ).

            Rejecting something just because the world does it, without scripture as our basis for why we reject it, isn’t a responsible way to live our lives as Followers of Christ. Especially when we don’t apply that across the board, but only to hot-button issues.

          • Paul

            To Brivolbn7q!

            As for the “fad” portion; when over the course of a couple months many [many] Pastors show up with the “soul patch” [hair between lwr lip & chin], or shirt un-tucked, or T-shirt or Hawaiian Shirt or suit or torn jeans or a certain type shoe – That’s a fad. Unless we are regular attenders of the church we don’t know if they are really following a fad. However; being a Pastor or almost 20yrs we Pastors [if not careful] can windup following the [non-sinful] “fads” of the world so we can be . . . . . here it comes ! ! ! ! !
            Actually if people pay attention you’ll even notice Pastors/Teachers using “fad” words.
            Sinful – NO
            Worldly – Only the person and God know for sure.

          • Guest

            When did “relevant” become a dirty word? What’s wrong with being … here it comes… RELEVANT?

            Relevant /ˈreləvənt/ (adjective): Having direct bearing on the matter at hand.

            I don’t understand – what’s wrong with this?

          • PJ

            “Relevant” is not being like world.
            Relevant is presenting Jesus to the world in a way they can understand Him thus becoming relevant.
            What is beautiful about the Gospel of the Kingdom is that ALL are welcomed. The majesty of God is revealed in Jesus’ ability to rescue the rich and the poor… Tattooed and un-tattooed…LOL.
            Perhaps I am coming across as “religious” or “holy” that is not my intent.
            In my years as a Christian I have observed many different issues affect the church in America.
            The demand for relevance is one of them.

          • Guest

            You’ve built a straw-man fallacy surrounding relevance – one that is so widely held in the Church that it’s disheartening. I don’t know any pastors seeking to be “relevant” by following the sinful practices of the world – instead I know guys on their knees before God, begging for Him to reach a lost and dying world, and seeking creative means through which to share with them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s true relevance – that’s Godly relevance.

            This idea that every pastor who wants to be “relevant” is trying to follow sinful, worldly fads is a lie from Satan. The Lord rebuke Him for slandering the ministries of Godly men in service to their King!!!

            But as long as we’re on the subject of following “worldly fads to be relevant,” what’s wrong with sporting a “soul patch?” What’s wrong with an “un-tucked shirt?” What’s wrong with a “T-shirt?” What’s wrong with a “Hawaiian shirt?” Or a “suit?” Or “torn jeans” or “certain types of shoes?” If a pastor feels that dressing a certain way will help him to reach the people God called him to minister to, than shouldn’t he do it? Wasn’t it Paul who said “I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some?”

          • PJ

            You’re funny. I stated the opposite of what you think I stated.
            Jesus made people different and thus ministry has to be different to meet the many needs of different people.

            I will leave this blog now as it just seems to be critical.
            Grace to you.

          • Guest

            If I’ve misunderstood you, then please correct my misunderstanding.

            I would like to understand.

          • PJ

            Please review your comments throughout the blog.
            Your are judgmental in all of them.
            I don’t think you want to understand… you want to criticize and argue.

            Starting by apologizing and then being mean spirited dismisses the apology.

            Grace to you for wanting to establish your convictions.
            Be gracious to others who don’t hold your views.

            To encourage you, I applaud your desire to contend for the faith. However, if you ask the Holy Spirit to train you He will give you words seasoned with grace.
            A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold framed in silver.

            Grace to you,

          • Juanita Gilbo Ricard

            People often misjudge. Sad but true. I know a man who is living holy, who has never had any vices and is still a virgin. When interviewed by another minister for a position, the minister as much as called him a liar, indicating that everyone has a sex life. We know this is not true.. There are still millions of virgins-people who have no desire to sin against God and who do not sin because the Holy Spirit is in control of their entire life. Who should judge or accuse? NO ONE. Especially when you go to pray with someone DO NOT, I Repeat DO NOT accuse them of any sin. You do not know their heart. Pray only for God’s Will in their life.

          • Juanita Gilbo Ricard

            Anything we put ahead of God is an idol.

        • PJ

          When I initially posed the question, it was not to draw criticism. Simply to bring forth thought. This could be posed regarding many topics… media, clothing, etc.
          The danger in writing is there is no relationship to be lost so we will criticize without restraint.

          Tattoos are not a sinful.
          What I was attempting to address is the amount of influence the world has on the church.

          Jesus is amazing. His love for us is astounding. Perhaps we should blog on that…

          It is much more life giving!!!

      • Juanita Gilbo Ricard

        So true. We will give an account. Make sure it is a holy one.

    • Juanita Gilbo Ricard

      I think we should concentrate on what does Christ think? What would He have me do? Am I pleasing Him? If I know I am pleasing Christ, my family knows me, my friends know me—what the rest of the world thinks does not matter.

  • djhutch5

    It is my understanding that conscience plays a vital role in how we live out our Christian life. For example there are some who choose to eat no meat, because they believe it is part of God’s original plan for man. I don’t argue that, but I also realize that Jesus, thru his vision to Peter, declared all food good. The church doesn’t prosper by me making a big issue out of what someone else’s conscience allows them to do. Whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord. That doesn’t mean we can all do whatever we want, however making big generalized rants against how others believe on Facebook or even in the sanctuary does not honor God – it honors our belief. When we set up our belief as the standard, we’re in big trouble.

  • ExcelGodsWay

    Very disappointed that I wasted time watching this. I do not see this to be anything of value… how is this advancing the kingdom? Topics like this divide believers and discredit the speaker. It is a self righteous video, that is all.

    • Guest

      Speaking humbly about the expectations of God for the lives of believers is never a waste of time, or self-righteous.

      I urge you to examine your comment and your tone for love, brother – especially for the brother-in-Christ who made the video.

    • Juanita Gilbo Ricard

      We need to understand others that we do not agree with. Then we know better how to pray for them.

  • Preacher Jimmy

    WOW there are alot of Pharisees in this area. Legalism kills the church folks!!!

    • amos8

      I am more than a little uncomfortable judging, condemning, and publicly declaring groups of people as “Pharisees.”

      Which individuals or groups of people have you judged to be Pharisees?

      Is it those who are not fans of tatoos?

      Is it those who are against those who are not for tatoos?

      At what point is it okay to put forth arguments for, or against, a proposed topic? At what point do some of us over-use the “Pharisee” card?

      • Brivolbn7q!

        To answer your last question, at EVERY point! If anyone that I know is a pharisee, it’s me. Yeah, I’ll ‘fess up.

        • amos8

          Oh Yeah!?! I judge you to be a Pharisee, stop being so Pharisaical ………. Oh …….. I guess I can’t play the Pharisee card on you if you play it on yourself. Well played my friend, well played.

      • Juanita Gilbo Ricard

        Do you not think that the “Pharisees” are those engrossed in legalism? Those in Jesus’ day were.

    • yodaho

      I hope you are a lot more circumspect in your preaching than with the comments you make.

      • Preacher Jimmy

        My comments are directed to those who take love and Salvation away from the Gospel message to place their own personal views as to what is right and wrong in another Christian’s life because they do not agree with his owning religious tatoos. Calling for him to repent for what he taught in the video to which he was well within the context of the Scripture noted. The tatoo issue is a non essential and at the point you strat claiming a man is no longer Hoy because you do not agree with him on a non-essential you become no different than the PHARISEES. Therefor I say stop with the legalism and keep your pios viewpoint to yourselves if it is a non-essential to salvation you have no right to call anyone to repent. Any more questions?

        • amos8

          Yes, more questions below…

    • Juanita Gilbo Ricard

      Legalism is why some folks won’t go to church.

  • Dare Durowade

    i listened to your video for few minutes, you were just misapplying and misinterpreting what you quoted, therefore i just discontinue. God will show you His light

  • Missy

    Getting your body pierced is the same as having tattoos yet almost EVERY woman has her ears pierced and is defacing “Gods temple” if tattoos are not ok, neither are earrings. However we are not under mosses law anymore, Jesus came so that all who believe in him and turn will be saved

    • Juanita Gilbo Ricard

      I see no point in piercing one’s ears. In the Bible it was the sign of a slave. What is the point of a lot of jewelry anyway?

  • L

    People say that this discussion is separating Christians if you watch it full and pay attention he is calling people to come together and quit separating over it.
    Also the ones saying he is leading people away and taking out of context, well it seems clear you are not studying the bible and only interpreting it for what you want it to say. The man in the video did his home work. Plain and simple. I’m shocked at how many people still have ignorance of the bible and it’s message. should we hate our parents since the bible says so? Learn the scriptures.

    • Juanita Gilbo Ricard

      Of course we know it does not mean hate the way we interpret it. It means not to love anything or any body more than God.

  • Santos

    I look at it this way, if you are already tattoo(s) and wearing rings in nose, cheeks, lips and any where you think it’s cool, well let God judge them. For they don’t know the WORD. Now, if you were tattoo but, know about GOD and His word, ask God for forgiveness and don’t do it any more. Now, if you still do it – then you have sin upon you TEMLPE…..God Bless You

  • push/pull

    All this minutae aside…We are called to be good stewards. How does this translate when tattoed people remind me of 5 year olds with sharpies marking up their bodies. Regardless of the message tattooed shows a certain level of immaturity…As a minister…do I respect you more or less because you have a tatoo- not because of it being sinful, but because of it not being the marks of a serious man….If you lose one person over this – it is a soul that is forever lost…We are not here to prove a point, but to spread the Gospel. And if someone is reading that gospel off your body then how pure do you think that message is getting across?

    • Guest

      How about long hair? Homelessness? Joblessness? Hanging out at parties with drunkards, thieves, and prostitutes? Do these things pollute one’s testimony as well?

      • Juanita Gilbo Ricard

        Some homeless persons are very close to God and are not homeless because they did anything wrong. One needs to look at the whole picture and not judge the person. Some are homeless because of sins another person committed against them. When my husband was still alive we took in homeless people and helped them get back on their feet without charging them. This included a man with a dog. It also included a woman with a child and several other people. Even though we were done wrong a couple of times, we never regretted helping folks.

    • ExcelGodsWay


  • doubtingthomasaquinas

    1 Cor 6:18ff, about our bodies being the temple of the Holy Spirit, is about sexual immorality, not about tattoos. Tattoos are on the outside. 1 Cor 6 is about what’s on the inside and ‘joining’ our bodies to other bodies which we ought not.

    Can we leave the out-of-context ‘temple of the Holy Spirit’ red herring alone on this non-issue?

    • 2Ivorys

      Our Bodies (bodies of born again followers of Jesus) are the Temple of the Holy Spirit = truth statement.

      Sexual Immorality = contextual application statement.

      To say that the only way we can sin against the Temple is via fornication really misses the mark.

      Gluttony is sin against the temple.

      Cutting is a sin against the temple.

      Any unhealthy or destructive practice is sin against the temple.

      So therefore, there is no ‘red herring’ here.

      I’m afraid that we sometimes (myself included) go to great lengths to try to justify our questionable and sometimes blatantly sinful behavior.

  • Richard Graham

    Tattoos taken out of
    content or not with the scripture in Leviticus it sounds like a crafty reverse
    way of legalism. Some type of backdoor rebellion. The religious world is always
    crying” WWJD?” The bible doesn’t say Jesus bore tribal marks on His body.

    So if, one is being
    Christ-like why would you tattoo yourself after you’re been saved, set-free and
    filled with the Holy Ghost?

    Since Jefferson Bethke used it is a wisdom

    James 4:17

    to him who knows to do good
    and does not do it, to
    him it is sin.

    Every born again
    Christian and scholar of the bible knows that revelation is full of symbolism
    and mysteries written to preach to the church and hide Truth words from the
    enemies of God.

    Know about Rev

    Jefferson Bethke said quote “What if Jesus had a tattoos on his breast and thigh”

    Correct Rev 17:14 says NOT on the breast; it’s actually it Vesture, Garment or Robe:

    Rev 17:14 – “His robe and on His thigh a name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.”

    If it was the breast; just to entertain Jefferson Bethke’s thought:

    Breast- The breast is where the heart is located also it signifies Righteousness , as Paul speakabout the breast plate of righteousness in Ephesians 6, again Jesus will be inbattle array as The Commander of the Army of the Lord on His return.

    BUT IT’S written on the Vesture, Garment or Robe which will bare KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS:

    Robe – This will beunblemished, Robe of Righteousness

    Thigh – In ancientIsrael putting right your hand on your inner thigh while giving an oath was theequivalent of how people put their right hand on a bible in modern times. Jesus in revelation is saying He is going to keep His Word and Promises.

    KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS = Speak of Christ’s Authority as He comes back
    to earth……..There will no doubt by anyone who He is and it will NOT be just
    some cool Jewish guy with tattoos compromising God’s word.

    Ashamed of yourself Jefferson Bethke, to play with and disrespect God’s word just for a blog and culture sake.

    The great commission is given:

    Mark 16:15

    15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

    Not to confuse sinners and saints with jibberish.

    If it’s a wisdom issue, I don’t think God agrees with pagan worship or practices for the dead or not. He (God) said don’t do it. Don’t means NO anytime for anything in history.

    Let the Spirit of God convict your heart if you are born again.

    I really don’t think the Holy Ghost would be saying a born again Christian “Yeah go get a tattoo that’s cool!” –NO !!

    Jefferson Bethke is preaching error; inspiring a rebellious generation…..Not
    making disciple

  • Juanita Gilbo Ricard

    How many of us obey the Bible100%? We may think we do. I do not approve of tattoos, but I will not sit in judgment over those who have them. God knows their heart. One gentleman who is covered with them gave his heart to Jesus and now he runs a tattoo parlor in order that those who want to get rid of offensive tattoos come to him and he makes them into something presentable. Removing tattoos scars the body. Also the Bible says women are not to use a razor. Ladies, do you not shave your legs and your chin hairs? The Bible also says women are not to cut their hair and it is a shame for men to have long hair. Yet we have many Godly women with short hair and many Godly men with long hair. Who has the right to judge? Only Jesus Christ. I say as it says in the Bible in Psalms–Commit your self to the LORD and He will direct your paths . Do not sit in judgment on anyone for anything. This is not our job. Our job is to present the Gospel and Love of Jesus Christ to all we come in contact with and let God do the rest. Amen? Amen!

    • 2Ivorys

      Our ‘job’ according to the Matthew 6 passage alluded to here is to deal honestly and thoroughly with our own sin (the plank) and then lovingly help our brother deal with the sin in their own life (the speck).

      “…and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

      To not deal with our own sin first and foremost while at the same time condemning others is to be ‘judgmental’ according to this passage – like the Pharisees.

      It is never ‘loving’ to stand idly by and allow those around us to engage in sinful,destructive behaviors without at least trying to lovingly approach them with the truth. James indicates this in the closing verses of his letter.

      We are called to be like Jesus in every way. He dealt gently with those caught in adultery and also commanded them to ‘go and sin no more. And when dealing with those who led hypocritical lives (Matthew 23), well He wasn’t very PC to say the least.

      Just my $00.02 :)

      • Juanita Rivard

        Good comment. However I think that people forget the real sin is omission of God from their lives. All the other things are fruits of that sin. I do not approve of tattoos either. But what I consider sin may not be sin to someone else. God has to reveal to each what is wrong for them. Yes some things are definitely wrong–like sex outside of marriage, stealing. lying etc. To me cutting my hair would be a sin. To my neighbor, who is also a Godly woman, it is not. Each must be guided by the Holy Spirit. I can voice my opinion which I often do, but then it is my place to pray the other person will know God’s will for their life. Agreed?

    • Alice

      No, not amen!

      You have just effectively rubbished whole sections of the Bible with your one paragraph and ended it with Amen?

      For a start, it’s nothing to do with judging, as the judging you are referring to is to do with condemning.

      It is to do with using DISCERNMENT, which we are told we MUST use.

      We are supposed to make right decisions.

      That means WISE decisions, not STUPID ones!

      • Juanita Ricard

        No ,my Dear. I did not trash the Bible. Did you read my comment properly? We do have to share the love of Christ with ALL and leave the rest to God. But you are entitled to your opinion, right or wrong. .We will judge angels in the future, but we are not to judge people today. However, we are to be fruit testers. Galatians 5:22-23 tells us what a real Christian is. Are you?

  • D.

    1 Corinthians 10:31

  • Tiesa

    Interesting research Jefferson but I don’t see any Biblical support for your accepting of tattoo. The use of “our body is the temple of God / Holy Spirit” in Corinthians does not apply only to internal – it is about the whole body – because our entire body belongs to Him who created us, especially in His Divine Image. If we split the body into two we are a dead meat. The whole body belongs to God and we have no right to please ourselves with it. That is why both the OT and the NT teach us to: “… Love God with all your heart, your soul, your mind …” No one could just give God is heart and not the body or vice versa. Your discovery that Jesus has a tattoo is interesting as I do not agree with it. Need to be careful with your interpretation because Jesus pronounced a dreadful warning for those who belittle the TRUTH (Matthew 5:17 —-). Further, if I am a Christian, follower of Christ, and while being a follower of Christ I put on tattoo / decorate my body with tattoo – what it means is that I am not satisfied with how God made me – I am not happy with the Godly image I have. This means, I am condemning God for how He made me. God the omniscience would have tattooed each of us according to our preferred tattoo if He knew tattoo makes us look good. The question I like to ask is: How could one be discontent with what and how God made him/her to be. This takes us back to where sin began. Lucifer being discontent who he was – wanted to be like God. For those who have tattoo before accepting Jesus as their Saviour and Friend it is a different story compare to those who accept Jesus then tattoo. Remember that when God finished His work of creating man and woman on the six day of the week “[He] saw that it is good” and at the end of the creation week the Bible says “God saw that it is VERY GOOD”. When we add on to the “good” and “very good” that God made all it does is make it “no-good”. The reason why Jesus took our place on the cross is to restore us and take us back to the “good” and “very good” that God made us to be at the beginning because we have been “no-good”.

    • C

      So you better be walking around without clothes and makeup!!!!!!

      • Tiesa

        I will be when my Creator’s plan of salvation is completed – that’s when I’ll have the “good”, “perfect”, “righteous”, body that God purpose for me and everyone to have forever. It is sin – the “no-good” – that made us discontent with God’s creation and make us desire to change and decorate God’s perfect creation. Without sin you and I are now “walking around without clothes and makeup” as you suggested my friend – because without sin this world is still a perfect world as God intended and purposed it to be. It is SIN that gives me the desire to want tattoo on my body when I’m already a follower of Christ. Remember tattoo before accepting Christ is a different case. Brother, when Christ is in me, I am a new creation and that’s when I stop making excuse to cover for my sinful desire – that’s when I ceased manipulating God’s TRUTH to accept what appeals to me but to please my only God and Creator with His purpose and will for me.

    • Pastor Glenn

      Great reply Tiesa. I would agree with his reference to ear rings though. As well I would apply other things to your reply, such as make up etc. God made us the way HE wants us, to pierce and paint says, “God, you didn’t do a good enough job on me and I can do better.” thanks for your comment.

  • Shanti

    Jefferson, thank you so much for this video. I just got into a discussion with my boyfriend about this very issue a few hours ago. I didn’t have the specific examples, but I knew they were there. Praise God this video was on my facebook feed today, just when I needed it! :D Although one of his issues is that one of my tattoos is of a dragon and he pointed out that dragons are demonic symbols. I’ll have to look into that further, but I got the dragon when I was not pursuing God whole-heartedly, and for sentimental reasons. Anyway, thanks for this!

    • NO NAME

      I do not know you. But if I may. A man came into my church when I was a kid, and he had tattoos and piercings and was wearing Gothic clothing. He was a very hateful man when he first came to our church. He told me after he got saved, long after he had attended our church for awhile, how he came to know God. He said that when he first stepped foot in our church it was not to attend, it was to destroy the church because he said Satan told him to do that. But when he came in he heard the pastor speak and it changed him. We can not change our past. And you should tell your boyfriend that if God does not want you to have that tattoo then He has already forgiven you. And he should be careful what he says because, Satan loves to remind people of their past. I don’t think your boyfriend is doing it intentionally. I believe dragon tattoos in my opinion are bad because they say Satan is known as a dragon and dragons are known as a mythological creature. But you did say it was before you pursued God. And I know God forgives. Forgive me if I intruded, I like to read comments.

  • Chua Hong Hee

    Allowed me to comment. First let’s question our intention of applying the Tatoo on
    our body. Paul, had mentioned that “all things is permitted but not all are beneficial””.
    Again if bearing the Tatoo on our body will cause a stumbling block to our brothers or
    sisters in Christ should we stii have it?
    This is written in context of those who had already Faith in Jesus Christ. I had heard many testimonies of people who had regretted having Tatoos on their bodies and now
    seeking for a reversal. It is never possible to erase a tattoo permanently onced it is inked.
    Thank you for allowing me to comments.

    • Juanita Gilbo Ricard

      A good tattoo artist knows how to change a bad tattoo into a good one.I saw the news article on it. .

  • Fran

    Speaking of out of context….not eating meat with blood in it…means that you have to drain the blood from the animal when it is killed and not let it coagulated in the animal…the same process is used in meat processing in the states today. Otherwise it would have said don’t eat meat period, because you can’t take all the blood out of meat! Not eating the fruit from the fruit tree for three year…most fruit trees do not produce fruit for at least 3 years and if they do produce fruit many people take the fruit off so the tree can grow stronger and produce more fruit in the future. People were not to give the appearance of being like those who had tattoos to worship the dead…this is true…modern tattoos do not remind us of people who worship the dead…they remind us of gang bangers…prisoners…drunken sailors…and bikers. I am not saying that tattoos are evil but I am saying that if you feel it is ok don’t try to rationalize it or try to make scripture agree with you.

    • Pastor Al

      on point!

    • Daniel

      Really you must not know anyone who has a tat. Because no one I know who has a tat is a gang banger, a prisoner, a drunken sailor or a biker.

  • Caleb Duncan

    As I’ve been considering getting a tattoo with the original hebrew marking of “It is Finished,” its almost eye opening with the amount of open doors I would get to share my faith with someone else. I think God is itching and ready to use us to further his Kingdom. “Hey, what’s your tattoo mean?” “It means, ‘It is finished,'”. I get to take it from there and tell the greatest story ever told. This guy is right, read the scripture in its CONTEXT. I’m not gonna get tattoos plastered all over my body, but I think I’m going to get one, because “It is finished” represents what Christ did for me, and I live to tell other people about it.

    • Daniel Leandro

      but.. .why don’t you use a t-shirt? and then you can have lots of t-shirts with differente hebrew phrases and have more to talk about in different days… (or you just want a tattoo?) ;)

      • Daniel

        Hmmm lets see I walk up to a group of tatted up young people. I have no ink and I want to sure the gospel So I wear my greek “It is finished” t-shirt. It is a really cool design I love it! But, none of those young people will even ask about it. I walk up with the tat, Those how have ink want to know who did it, what it means, why I got it etc. I got a tat nearly 20 years ago, it is meaningful to me, it is a blacksmith, I still get asked about it a couple times a week, I can now relate that simple tat to Isaiah 54:16-17 (NIV)
        16 “See,
        it is I who created the blacksmith who fans the coals into
        flame and forges a weapon fit for its work.
        And it is I who have created the destroyer to work
        no weapon forged against you will prevail, and
        you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This
        is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and
        this is their vindication from me,” declares the
        It does open doors, although when I got it, I was not following Christ.

      • Caleb Duncan

        Hey brother! See my above reply to Pastor Glenn. I want to permanently represent Christ until the day I die and I believe that a tattoo holds more weight than a I Heart Jesus T-Shirt would, but I do appreciate your comment brother because there are different ways to strike conversations!

    • Pastor Glenn

      Hmmm. the word says, Joh 13:35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. Nope nothing in there about needing a tattoo to open doors to share your faith. Just an excuse to try to justify your getting one. If you love God that much just get out there and be a light. Have Holy Boldness and share your story….Rev 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their TESTIMONY;…not their tattoo or others things for that matter. Just my thoughts.

      • Joe

        Live what you’re saying…

      • Caleb Duncan

        I appreciate that scripture in Revelations 12:11, great verse. I do live by the word, and live by a testimony. This is why I would like to have God’s Holy Word permanently inked on my body: We are in the middle of a Culture Change where traditionalism is being thrown out and people are seeing what the word truly says, and the context behind scripture. I know that friendship with the world is enmity towards God (James), and I see where a tattoo of the world would be sin. But if I saw a tattoo with God’s word on it, I would see what and WHO that person represents. And I represent the name of Jesus Christ, who pronounced that It Was Finished on his dying breath on calvary. I want to live by God’s word, and I want people to know who and what I represent until the day I die. But I really do appreciate that because I know I don’t NEED a tattoo, but I wanna be a permanent representation of Christ!

      • Shelly

        “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35…JESUS’ words…not mine & not the ‘worlds’. Nowhere does it say–by this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you are NOT sporting any tats. We stand out by our LOVE, not by our appearance.

    • Rich Thomas

      That is a superb idea. I may get exactly that tattoo, on the inside of my wrist perhaps. I think you have excellent, well-considered reasons for it. It seems your heart’s motivation is noble. I wear a ring I had custom made with Isaiah 43:1 in Hebrew. People ask about it a lot, especially because I don’t look at all Jewish. Indeed, it is an excellent tool and has prompted many conversations. Thanks for the brilliant idea!

      • Caleb Duncan

        Awesome brother! And thanks, I really appreciate that.
        God Bless.

  • IMR

    This clip does not glorify the kingdom of God nor contribute to the salvation of man.

    • Guest

      With due respect, do you have a scope of vision to be able to say that? Isn’t the worship of our hearts glorifying to God? Do you know Jefferson Bethke’s heart?

      • IMR

        Now what you have written is self centred; what does that do to further the Kingdom of God if an unbeliever stumbles onto this site. By the mere fact that you argue outside of the issue show that you have a contentious spirit. Read glenstephen’s reply

        • Guest

          I apologize if I came off as contentious or self-centered, but your comment seemed to offer a critical spirit without cause. If Jefferson Bethke made this video because he loved the Lord and felt God calling him to start a discussion about this topic, then wouldn’t that mean that it is glorifying to God? God will further His kingdom however He sees fit. That’s in His hands.

          In saying that it does not glorify God you have decided what was in his heart, and how the Spirit of God was leading him.

          And now you judge my heart to be contentious? The Lord is my Judge and knows my heart in my comment, and my heart is pure before Him. I wrote with no contention, but an earnest desire to see unity in the Body of Christ.

          I humbly urge you to be cautious in your approach to other believers, brother. Jefferson Bethke is a brother in Christ, as am I – and you have judged us to be sinful based on your opinions. Please, for His Name’s Sake, be careful.

          God bless.

      • Pastor Glenn

        If his heart was right he would not spend time justifying what the church has stood against for hundreds of years and spend his time reaching out with the truth of the gospel whether it is socially accepted or not. Preach for truth and against sin and let God convict peoples hearts instead of GIVING them an out so the feel better about their sin. Do it with love and compassion yes, but this type of false message is what is destroying the power and influence of the church.

        • Shelly

          When Christianity’s only ‘truth’ is to make people ‘sin’ conscious, GOD is not the one convicting a person’s heart–it is the speaker. Why not share the true gospel, which is God’s love & Christ’s sacrifice for humanity…then when RELATIONSHIP is established God’s Holy Spirit is able to convict the heart…

  • glenstephen

    Just another indication of how the world system has influenced the church and how little the church has influenced the culture. Tattooing didn’t start with the church. Its just a conforming to this world.

    • Pastor Glenn

      Great Point Glenn….This video is a great justification for those who claim to be Christians, to blend in with the world’s culture. The question to me is not how can I justify this so I can partake in it, but what can I do to come out from among them a be separate while at the same time reaching into the world to pull them out, Jesus did not call us to blend in to save the world but to STAND out among them in HIS likeness. This is simply what I would label the dumbing down of the church.

      • Shelly

        “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35…JESUS’ words…not mine & not the ‘worlds’. Nowhere does it say–by this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you are NOT sporting any tats. We stand out by our LOVE, not by our appearance.

        I’m always bewildered when hateful & grossly overweight Christians, whose ‘worldy’ traits are painfully obvious. Yet condemn loving, kind, respectful Christians who have tattoos. Not calling you that, but just pointing out that if Christians would start loving and stop hating on the petty stuff maybe we could make a difference in seeing a lost world come to Christ.

        When is the last time an overweight person was considered a ‘lesser’ Christian because they had no self control??? Just a thought…

    • Old Pastor

      Saw your photo, no comforming to the world with your ties and sweaters right? Why did you dress up? Why a tie? What function does it have? Is it not a statement? Originally neckties were worn to tighten the collor to hold in your unbathed for a month body stink. That’s probably not why you wear them. You comformed to style standards. The world’s.

      • glenstephen

        What do you suggest I wear? To answer the question is tattooing a sin.No!

  • Daniel Leandro

    I’ll make a tattoo in my left tushy that says: “”If you’re looking at this, I waited for yoy ;)” so only my future wife would see it. (and a nurse when they shot me some medicine by injection) lol

  • Joel

    “You shall keep my statutes. You shall not let your cattle breed with a different kind. You shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed, nor shall you wear a garment of cloth made of two kinds of material. “If a man lies sexually with a woman who is a slave, assigned to another man and not yet ransomed or given her freedom, a distinction shall be made. They shall not be put to death, because she was not free; but he shall bring his compensation to the Lord, to the entrance of the tent of meeting, a ram for a guilt offering. (Leviticus 19:19-21 ESV)

    Don’t hear anyone going off about different breeds of cows, multi-threaded clothing, or the lack of death penalty for sex with another man’s slave girl –oh wait, if it’s a slave then I don’t get the death penalty.

    C’mon folks, agree or disagree with the guy in the video, you have to acknowledge that not all the statutes in Leviticus 19 are for today!

  • 2Godbtheglory

    I would just like to offer the thought that while understanding scripture in context is HUGE, it is also important that we do not miss the fact that we also need to acknowledge Biblical principles that are involved in the text. So while any given passage may or may not explicitly or specifically endorse or condone behavior or actions, it is possible that when the principle(s) is considered, one can still be left with clear instruction from the Word. In the end, man is condemned by his refusal to, by faith, make Jesus the Lord (ruler, chief authority, master) of His life, not by the opinions of others. In regards to this specific issue, I would offer this example: 1 Corinthians 6:20- The principle here is “You have been bought with a price, therefore glorify God in your body”. Very clearly, Paul is reminding the people of their purchase from the slavery of sin by the blood of Jesus and he basically is stating “you belong to God, so glorify Him in your body (Grk-soma)” or the entire being, not just flesh (which certainly ties back in with sexual immorality, but is also more inclusive as well).

    • old pastor

      Even so, then the drawings and what they depict could or could not bring God glory. Obviously their could be evil looking ink or words of scripture. One could bring glory one not. How would you know that God considers it wrong to embellesh skin with art of some kind? Should we also not embellesh it with jewlry, make-up, stylish clothing? Can’t a person glorify God with art? Even if you hate the art, is not God going to know the persons heart intent?

  • Alice

    The guy on this video is completely deluded.

    He isn’t even the slightest bit convincing.

    His argument comes across as somewhat manipulative and devious.

    If people are going to listen to this, they seriously to pray to be given more discernment.

    It’s appalling that anyone should even make such a video, but even more appalling that people are going to listen to it – and believe this obviously foolish nonsense.


    Whatever makes these people think that tatooes look nice or are good to have?

    Tattooes look awful. Trashy, sleazy and vulgar, and people who have tattooes are demonstrating more than a pretty low level of immaturity, or even childishness. They are practising stupidity.

    If we are the temple of the Holy Spirit – and if you believe in the Bible you know we are – It’s so glaringly obvious God isn’t going to like tattooes that you have to be as thick as two short planks to argue otherwise. Or else very rebellious and just pretending to be stupid!

    • Joe

      Opinion…doesn’t sound very Christ-like in your response, unless you weren’t trying to be…then you nailed it. Love GOD, Love PEOPLE…meet them where they are – God looks at the heart (so should you).

    • Caleb Duncan

      Is it going to look trashy when, in Revelation, and when Jesus tells of his second coming in Matthew 24, that he will come back with “KING OF KINGS” inked on his right thigh? :)

    • Shelly

      I have a tattoo that I got 8 years before I met Christ. The guy in this video would have shown me love and acceptance where you seem to be more passionate about passing arrogant and petty judgement rather than revealing Christ. You make Christianity repulsive. Calling people trashy, sleazy and vulgar ALWAYS wins souls–right?? My Bible tells me that God doesn’t look on man’s appearance, but on the heart. Jesus wasn’t offended by sinners, he did, however have some very choice words for the religious hypocrites…

    • old pastor

      God doesn’t like your opinionated condemnations, based on your own personal views and cultural background. He doesn’t like people speaking for Him without being appointed prophet. He doesn’t like people who only can view others from the perspective of their own narrow view… remeber the changes through the years in clothing, fashion, etc. No man wears dresses today, yet robes were once acceptable. What abou white fluffy wigs our forfathers wore in the usa, did he hate them as well? what about makeup for women in general? Come on, blue mascara, rosey red cheeks? Personally I don’t like tattoos at all. I’m not going to judge others. Scripture here has some non definable gray area. Concentrate on the 90% that doesn’t. Love others as you love yourself. Love others as I have loved you? Did he not show you mercy and in grace suffer and die for you? And while you were yet a sinner? Are you letting anything unwholesome come form your mouth?

    • Rich Thomas

      Maybe God doesn’t like bad spelling and grammar either. I mean, if we’re going to pick something arbitrary and shame people for not living up to our own personal opinions regarding the importance of a matter, then I pick good old-fashioned proper writing skills. For somebody with so many words to say, you sure spell a lot of them wrong and put many of them in the wrong order. Look, we get it, you don’t like tattoos. You do love your own misguided sense of piety. When we each stand before God to face judgement, I’m going to hide behind Christ’s righteousness. But you go ahead and stand on your own accomplishments. Make sure you show Him your tattoo-free body. Personally, I won’t have that advantage, so I sure hope the gospel turns out to be true.

  • WHS

    This man needs to learn better exegetical skill.

    • Rob

      Would love to see your exegetical chops in action. Feel free to correct him! I am sure he would bow to the authority of scripture.

  • Pat Roberts

    1) It said “when you go into the Promised land don’t eat any animal blood. The Jewish people have a way of draining all the blood out of an animal before cooking it. They were to kill all the animals and people living in the land, so that they would not be tempted to intermarry, and most likely because the land was polluted and there were many dangerous sicknesses, disease, etc and the land had to be cleansed first.
    2) It said the trees that were in the land, if they had fruit, don’t eat them – give the ground and the tree time to heal from all their diseases.
    3) it said do not cut yourself, and for what ever they might do that the diseases in the Land would have a quick entry into your body. And, even more you are creating a god on your body, just as much as making an image.
    4) and best of all, we do have our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and unblemished. This statement was made after Jesus died and the church had begun and it is describing our new relationship with God, and the law was completed. The new law if of love and you long to do the things to please the Lord rather that the world. Blessings.

    • ShoelessWonder

      I just believe, and you don’t have to share this viewpoint, that ink can be a way to please the Lord. He had “loved” and “forgiven” on his wrist to remind him everyday what Jesus has done for him. I have “I belong” on my upper arm, in the secret, to remind me what Jesus has done for me. I personally don’t believe that it displeases my Father to do such. But I do realize not everyone agrees with me, and personally? That’s ok

    • syanda

      tattoos is a sin, our bodies are the temple of God.

  • Joe

    Simply stated – I don’t have ink, don’t want it – but I am a Christ-follower.
    Many people on here are MISSING the mark because they are failing to live up to the words of Jesus : By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.. Stop biting and devouring each other over something that doesn’t matter.
    Will getting a tattoo be the sin that is unforgivable and forever condemn me to hell? I think not.

    Fighting over something like this – in front of the world to see – is a waste of time, counter-productive, and shameful (I liken it to 1 Corinthians 6:1-8).
    I can’t wait for my tattoo touting, non-christian neighbor to stumble across this and have more ammunition to tell me how hypocritical and petty Christians are – you are helping him not believe. You may win the argument with your brother, but, to a lost and dying world, you are giving them more reason not to listen to what you have to say. Maybe they shouldn’t listen to you anyway.

    • Alice

      You ought not to be ashamed of the gospel. Shame on you!

      You evidently need to read the Bible a bit more than you do.

      Ecclesiastes 7:5: “It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools.”

      Or Proverbs 9:8: “Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee.”

      Actually your comment reminds me of a book title “Ashamed of the Gospel – When the Church Becomes Like The World” by John Macarthur. Here’s the description:

      “In the late 1800s, Charles Spurgeon warned that the church was drifting away from the purity of the gospel, candy-coating God’s Word rather than boldly proclaiming the truths of Scripture. As a result, Christianity’s influence in nineteenth-century England was severely weakened. One hundred years later, John MacArthur, troubled by the seeker-sensitive movement and an emphasis on pragmatism within the church, sounded the same alarm with the first edition of “Ashamed of the Gospel.”

      Psalm 119:4-6: “Thou hast commanded us to keep thy precepts diligently. O that my ways were directed to keep thy statutes! When shall I not be ashamed, when I have respect unto all thy commandments.”

      Also from Psalm 119: “0 Let my heart be sound in thy statutes; that I be not ashamed.”

      • old pastor

        where did you see anything about being ashamed of the gospel in joes post? He spoke of being ashamed of the divisivness over petty and varied interpretations that are not detracting from the gospel in any way. Youcontinue to devour each other rather than seek unity in solid like minded faith. We have so much to agree on, why tear apart such minor references. His point was it turns people away from opportunity to hear the truth of Jesus saving grace. Macarther is not wrong, you are simply taking his concerns to extremes that are ridiculous. Even if we can’t agree on the real intent here of this scripture verse, can’t we get back to what we do agree on? Generally, and should be: the gospel of Jesus Christ?

      • Rich Thomas

        Alright Alice, I’ve read a lot of your ranting, sanctimonious comments and I think it’s time you should be quiet now. Following your pattern, here’s some out-of-context scripture to back me up: “Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet.”

      • Joe

        I wonder if a rebuke is defined by being devoid of love and dripping with sarcasm, is that what Jesus teaches? If only you would be so passionate, filled with love, for people who are lost, you would be a great evangelist. But without love, all I hear is a LOUD gong sound. Hmmmm..

  • C.Brian Ross

    Using big words like hermeneutics and contextualisation doth not an argument make!

    My body is, indeed, a temple of the Holy Spirit and, as such, surely ought not to be defaced in any way! That’s one reason for not taking drugs, either – legal or illegal.

    Blessings, and shalom.

    • mjorme

      The context of “You body is a temple” is focused on sexual purity–in contrast to the immorality in pagan temples–not marks, hairstyles, dress, etc. I think this phrase is often misused to mean something we want it to mean, rather than what it was intended. Should we take care of our bodies? Sure, but there’s a unique thing that happens when we commit sexual sin–it defiles the temple. Sexual sin is unique because it involves our bodies in corruption on a different level. Do tattoos defile the temple? I really don’t believe so. If someone’s conscience doesn’t permit them, then don’t get a tattoo. However, this is a preference/conscience issue, not a clad rule from Scripture. To make it one is a giant leap.

      Good discussion. Just wanted to share my perspective.

      • C.Brian Ross

        Appreciate your polite response. Mine would simply be that, while the context of the words quoted is as you say, they are not confined to that context – it’s the principle that is then involved. If, as I firmly believe, God the Holy Spirit dwells within me, then I want to keep this temple in the best possible condition. To ‘decorate’ it with markings, not all of which are as inoffensive, per se, as the speaker’s, seems to me to be defacing it.

        However, I will not argue with your conclusion. I am answerable only for me!

        Blessings, and shalom.

        • mjorme

          Thanks for the dialogue.

    • Shane

      I guess fat people are an abomination as well since the Bible speaks pretty strongly about gluttony. What about the pride of all those who are quick to condemn and rejoice in the fact that they have kept the laws to a higher degree which is pretty much the mindset behind the comments. It’s no wonder we are a joke to atheists and other non-believers. All they have to do is sit back and enjoy the show as we Christians kill each other with our words and actions.

    • Rich Thomas

      “The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed: ‘God, I thank you that I am not like other people…”

  • Dennis Evans

    If you would check out that Lev. 19:28 passage in a couple commentaries you might find that it has a cross reference to Deut. 14:1-2. This puts the Leviticus context pretty much into the context of communion with the dead: meaning don’t get a tattoo for reasons of contact with the dead. The reference to meat with blood is simply a reference to meat slaughtered without having been “bled”. Kosher slaughter cuts the animals jugular vein and they mostly bleed themselves out.

    • Crickett Green

      Yes and then the Kosher people take it a step farther they wring out the remaining blood in a press or set of wringer rollers.

  • Terry

    Okay, how about Philippians 4:8? True, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable: where do tattoos fall in this verse? Guess I’m old fashioned but shouldn’t we exalting Christ, edifying the saints, encouraging the needy and evangelizing the lost? Would this also be something that might cause another to stumble?

  • Robert Glen Murrell Jr

    He knows better. God said don’t do it. End of Scripture. He’s making an excuse to sin making the Gospel of none effect in his life as Jesus would say it. Tattoos do not glorify God in any manner even if you have a scripture tattooed on you.

  • Franco

    Where Does it say, “Stamped on His Thigh My Friend” ??! It Could Be On His Robe That Hangs on His Thigh ??! :D If We Do All Things in “Love” and through “Supplication and Prayer”, I think People Would “Think More about How Can I Keep This Temple (The Gift of Our Bodies) Holy” ??! :D Love Ya’s & Have a Great Day !!!

  • Franco

    Or It Could Be On The Warrior Outfit That He Will Be Wearing Upon His Return as King of All Kings (That Covers His Thigh Going into Battle) ??! :D

  • Jamey

    Please take the Rev. 19:16 verse in context too. Remember that Jesus Christ returns to a hostile earth during Rev 19. One that is open to the full wrath of God as the bride [of Christ] has been called out. No one [on Earth] on that day will want to see that name for it will mean that Jesus is returning to earth with an army [following] from heaven. But it will only take His spoken Word.

    That verse in Rev is talking about a name that is like none other – known by none other, the name is on His thigh for prominence being easily visible when seated on a horse. (Psalm 45:3 Gird thy sword upon thy thigh, O most mighty, with thy glory and thy majesty.)

  • John K

    I think it’s time for all you naysayers to read No Perfect People Allowed by John Burke.

    • Alice

      Another who needs to read the BIBLE, preferably the KING JAMES version.

      “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48)

      BTW John Burke is a on a list of heretical teachers which you will find on the PMI website.

      • Shelly

        Thou blind Pharisee, cleanse first that which is within the cup and platter (soul), that the outside (appearance) of them may be clean also.(Matthew 23:26)~JESUS~talking to those hateful religious folks…

        …see, we can do this all day….
        And Alice, I hate to break it to you the disciples did not write the KJ version of the Bible. You need to read and study the Word, preferably in the Hebrew and Greek study Bibles…

      • Edward Kwong

        Let me guess. You belong to the WBC.

        • John K


      • Rich Thomas

        You can’t be serious. You really think the King James is “the” authoritative English translation of scriptures, to the exclusion of others? Nobody’s really that obtuse, right? Do you know anything at all about King James, the man? Or his motives for commissioning a translation of the Bible? It’s a perfectly fine translation, but don’t shame people for preferring to read the Bible in less antiquated English. You’re really being ridiculous to suggest God revealed his word to Man and the KJV is the only time we published it correctly.

      • John K

        I have no idea what the PMI website is. I tend to get my facts from the word of God. By the way, I have heard it said by an elderly woman years ago that ” If the KJV was good enough for the Apostle Paul, then it’s good enough for me!” As I recall the room was filled with laughter as soon as she walked out.

  • nike

    Christians should not wear tatto, it is sinful. God frowns at it in the scripture (Lev.) . Do not partake in the things of this world

    • Shane

      Yet your name is to the pagan goddess of victory. Oops.

  • accepted in the Beloved

    self-mutilation in any form is an abomination unto God–the fount of alltrue beauty

  • Dennis Evans

    As I look at Lev. 19:28 it seems clear that the reference to the dead applies to tattoos that are worn precisely as a form of relationship to the spirit world, unless you pick the verse to bits and pieces. Most people don’t get tattoos as a way of relating to the dead so the prohibition clearly doesn’t apply. I can see this and I personally hate tattoos, or think they are ridiculous. So it’s not even a matter of the larger context.

  • Billy Tang

    how many people actually watched the video before commenting? Or do people just see the title and think: ‘My turn to be self righteous!’

  • Cam

    I’m a Baptist pastor and have a huge desire to get a big Celtic cross tat on my forearm. Yet I’m not going ahead with it.

    Conscience? I think not. I’m totally ok with the idea!

    I’m just scared of needles!

  • Truth

    He is totally wrong on this. 1. Leviticus 19:37 “keep all my decrees and laws and follow them. I am The Lord.” 2. Christ nailed our indebtedness to the cross Col 2:13-14 so that we could have access to God by one Spirit Eph 2:18. 3. Therefore we ought to keep the commandments in our hearts, on our minds, and be led by the Holy Spirit rather than pure ceremonial law to lead godly lives. 4. Romans 12:1-2 be not conformed to the ” pattern” of the world. Tattoos are patterns of the world. 5. On his own logic alone (bc he actually didn’t defend himself with God’s word. Go back and listen. He read one verse from one book, applied it incorrectly, and did not weigh his own understanding against the word of God. Now from his own logic there are other verses that we do not subscribe to. He gave the example of eating meat and fruit. In Lev 19 after v19 that says keep my decrees it lists ex. Do not offer your daughter for prostitution, keep the Sabbath holy, and do not turn to mediums. By the logic he applied, we could then choose to prostitute our daughters, disregard the Sabbath and consult mediums/spiritists and these would not be abominable or sinful to God. This logic does not hold and can only be faulty, invalid. So “contextually” he’s still wrong. 5. Instead of telling others to seek the Holy Spirit on such a decision, he offers a poor argument that lacks wisdom. In all thy getting get understanding. Wisdom then understanding. We want to understand then be wise, meaning we want it to ate sense to our flesh then grow mature in the spirit. No this is wrong. Maturity would have said be wise, your body is a temple, do not defile it. 6. Lastly, he also argued that tattoos are not seen as representing dead ppl. I’m not sure where is from but where I am from it is. Ppl get memoriel tattoos all the time. And guess what we will all die at some pt so even if a father gets a tattoo of his child’s name it is still a pattern of the world. Most tattoos have a meaning to the person that holds it. All meaning should be written on your hearts and you should let your light so shine…not your ink! For those who know better, speak out in love. This video does not build the kingdom, therefore believers have a responsibility to let the Holy Spirit reveal truth, wisdom and understanding. Praise God who is holy, just, and merciful to us all.

  • Tex

    It appears that everyone is so concerned with what they can or cannot do that they have forgotten the standard by which these things are measured. Paul stated in 1 Cor 8:8-13 concerning a matter that was troubling to some who had just been saved out of idolatry that even though all things were lawful and therefore not sinful, he was much more concerned about the effect that his lawful indulgence would have on a person of weaker conscious. It may or may not be okay to get a tattoo, but that is not the question. The question should be does it glorify God and does it hurt a weaker brother. And also, does it help or hinder the scope of my Christian testimony?

  • Joe

    All fall short of the glory of God. ALL! However, God loves ALL!.

  • Brox

    I can only conclude that our education system is a total failure. I’m flabbergasted by the inability to read and reason that is on display here.

  • Anon

    Why say you are taking the stance that these things are trifling and not important but then take time out to make a video about it. If they were not important to you, you would not waste time doing that. They would not take up your attention as you would not think very much about them, shrug off the opinions of other people and just get on with your life. Obviously tattoos are an important a big thing to you if you have to dedicate time making videos trying to justify them and convince others of your opinion. What does that say?

    • Joe

      It says there’s a number of people who have taken their eye of the prize and are choosing to run the race so as not to win. Petty. We preach Christ and him crucified. Petty arguments kill our witness because we cant love each other.

  • Criver

    The root and the fruit…the root is idolatry and the fruit is pagan worship. You can justify all you want but at the end of the day it’s rooted in pagan rituals. Christians are trying so hard to look like the world that they partake in tattoing their bodies. Paul said “stay away from the appearance of evil” or even questionable practices. Why? Because He knew people (christians) would compromise just to be accepted by the world. Why partake in something that you have to try and justify so hard when you can just live beyond reproach!

  • Gerrie

    He is soo wrong it’s scary. Tatoo’s originated from a pagan practice. He admits that in his video. Then he says – but today the world does not see it in that context (worshipping the dead). So because the world has gotten used to sinfull practices it makes it acceptable? No my friend – I say this in love. If God did not want us to be part of it then – He does not want us to be part of it now. He is the same yesterday, today and for ever. I am sorry but you can’t argue againt the word of God with personal emotions and feelings.

    • Shane

      Did you realize that all musical instruments used by the Jews were previously used for pagan worship? According to your line of thinking, we should immediately remove all instruments from worship of the LORD since they come from a pagan background. God is in the practice of redeeming for His glory what was meant for evil. Revel in you uber-holy status for not having a tat but I’ll still see you in heaven. Read the scripture, not just the words.

      • JJ

        Sorry but all musical instruments began in heaven.
        Read Ezekiel 28:13 Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God;
        every precious stone was thy covering,
        the sardius, topaz, and the diamond,
        the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper,
        the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold:
        the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes
        was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.
        A tabret is Hebrew for musical instrument, pipes are obvious.

        • Shane

          Did the instruments fall from the sky or did someone have to fashion them? My point is that they were used for pagan worship prior to Israel using them to worship God. God takes what was once used for sinful purposes and redeems them for His glory.

  • Sky

    Correct! People have own understanding what verse said. What i
    understand what the Bible said don’t kill,rob,drunk! Bible said 1
    Corinthians 6:1-8
    any of you has a dispute with another, do you dare to take it before
    ungodly for judgment instead of before the Lord’s people? 2 Or do you
    not know that the Lord’s people will judge the world? And if you are to
    judge the world, are you not competent to judge trivial cases? 3 Do you
    not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this
    life! 4 Therefore,
    if you have disputes about such matters, do you ask for a ruling from
    whose way of life is scorned in the church? 5 I say this to shame you.
    Is it possible that there is nobody among you wise enough to judge a
    dispute between believers? 6 But instead, one brother takes another to
    court—and this in front of unbelievers! 7 The
    very fact that you have lawsuits among you means you have been
    completely defeated already. Why not rather be wronged? Why not rather
    cheated? 8 Instead, you yourselves cheat and do wrong, and you do this
    to your brothers and sisters. Love is perfect understanding.

    God we love Us…

  • Rich Thomas

    I can’t believe we think this is important. Meanwhile, the poor stay unclothed, the hungry unfed, the prisoners unvisited.

    • Joe


      • sanderson

        Rich, what is sad is that Christians take so lightly God’s call for us to live Holy lives…. that we present our bodies as living sacrifices. We live as we want because and offer the cover of living under grace to justify our indulgences. Paul asked a very good question…. should we continue in sin that GRACE may more abound?… God forbid.

        • Jorge

          Modern day Preachers are to blame for an erroneous and lopsided teaching of grace. Where is the other side of the coin? You rarely, if ever hear preaching on the Fear of God, the Holiness or wrath of God.

  • Jean-MO

    cant argue about personal thoughts and interpretations, but in general,some Christians have the tendency since some time now to like things of the world and “christianize” them. just a thought…

  • yomi

    hello people i need a answer to this question I have a tattoo on my body and I meet christ and I gave my life to christ am I going to heaven or

    • Joe

      Christ has forgiven you past, present and future. You are a child of God.
      To everyone who calls themselves a follower of Christ: whoever is without sin, cast the first stone…
      Yomi – I want to apologize for the lack of love on display here-true, Christ-Followers are not like that. It is by GRACE you have been saved -through faith-not by works to being good enough, or not doing certain things…grace alone. God will transform you as you spend time in His word (it is powerful) to change you. Don’t get caught up in useless arguments that only confuse a lost world and young believers. Stay strong and love and pray for these who are being poor examples.

    • Pastor Laurence

      Yomi. Everyone comes to Christ Just as they are,
      They bring all their poisons, weather it be Alcoholic,Smoking Pot, Drug Addicted,Or Covered with Tattoos.
      We are all born in sin, and many of us went down wrong roads before our Salvation.
      Your Tattoos won’t keep you out of heaven, there is only one unforgivable sin.
      But now that you are saved, would you get a tattoo now? I don’t think so.
      My Impute on this matter concerns me, because my little granddaughter, goes to church.
      Just a few month ago I heard her talking about Christian Tattoos, I went “WHAT”
      Tattoos that contain a Bible Verse. I sat and explained to her There is no such a thing as a Christian Tattoo.
      Now I watch this video which more or less say’s tattoos is OK, And he suggests Jesus Christ may have had one.?
      I am praying for that man, Lord Forgive Him. Those who have pierced Him will be judged.
      Don’t worry my friend about your Tattoos, You received them before you accepted Christ as your saviour

  • Justin

    Amen. Surprised he didn’t bring up the verses on haircuts and clothing which goes hand in hand with what he is talking about. I couldn’t agree more with this man. If you judge tattoos then you have to live up to the rest of scripture that goes with it. We are under the moral law not the judicial laws and ceremonies of the Jewish people. Thanks for posting this video and God bless you.

    • Tiesa

      Then I hope you keep the entire “moral law” and do not miss one like many Christians who believes in keeping the “moral law” but disregard one.

      • Tiesa

        Sorry if I have upset you bro – I was only reminding …

  • Pastor Laurence

    Jefferson. You didn’t have to get tattoos on your wrist to remind you that you are forgiven.
    It was completely senseless. The Blood of Jesus Christ is for that.
    Is there any nice tattoos? Do they paint a good picture of a Christian.
    I can overlook coming to the Lord with tattoos, but when you have surrendered your life to Christ, I don’t think so
    To even suggest that Jesus could have had a Tattoo is way out,
    He would have been going against His Father’s will, or the Father would have given Him one.
    The only holes that were applied to Jesus was the Nails,and Thorns,
    Jesus Christ could not have taken a Pain killer, Aspirin or a substitute If He had a headache
    No drug of any kind ever entered His body, He was a Lamb without Spot.

  • John K

    Bottom line is that we are all sinners! Including you Alice! If we believe in our hearts and confess with our mouths that salvation is ours through Christ, we will some day be made perfect. With new bodies. Probably tattoo free.

  • Patrick Henry Patrio

    You do err greatly in not knowing the scriptures. This is a classic defense of ones actions. I have pastored for 31 years and this is the typical twisting of scripture to try to back your actions.

    • doubtingthomasaquinas

      That depends on what you mean. If you disagree with the video, then we disagree, and I’ve been a pastor for longer than you have, since that seems to be important to you. Tattoos are mentioned in Leviticus, which is largely a handbook for the priests (largely). Everywhere, though, God calls us to love one another, encourage one another, and to be one in Christ. I do not see God abandoning any of His children who get tattoos. I’ve seen tattooed Christians witness to the glory of God and help the poor, and I’ve seen nontattooed Christians commit some pretty bad sins. We are one in Christ–at least that’s what He prayed in the garden before his death. Since in Acts the Council in Jerusalem was settled by seeing that noncircumcised Greeks were coming to Christ and becoming real Christians, lets use the same criterion: tattooed Christians serve and love Him. That’s good enough for me.

      • Jorge

        You must know my former liberal Pastor.

      • Patrick Henry Patrio

        Leviticus 19:28 (Amplified) which says, “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print or tattoo any marks upon you: I am the Lord.”

  • Uninked

    A terrible accident years ago caused my dear friend to be disfigured. So that she could wear comfortable clothing in hot weather and be less distracting to children and strangers, she got two tattoos that disguise the affected areas and make her past injury less noticeable. She isn’t perfect but has been saved by grace, is a follower of Christ, and serves others regularly. Would you condemn her? Jesus wouldn’t.

    • Tiesa

      God’s grace forgives any sin all the time “if we confess our sins.” Because “He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins.” But we do not have to knowingly do the wrong thing because of God’s sufficient grace. A person who loves Christ does his/her best to stop doing what he/she knows it is not the right thing to do. However, God is ready to forgive any sin every time, all the time. The apostle Paul asks: “Does the sufficient grace of God means keep on sinning?” Paul answered: “No; God forbid.” “Repent and you … will be saved”; Peter says. To “repent” means: Stop doing the wrong thing but the right thing.

      • Justin

        don’t worry about me, worry about yourself. The areas I struggle in are between Christ and myself. I am a sinner and so are you. we will be until the day we meet him.

  • Justin Knight

    Galatians 3:10-14 makes clear that we depend on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our salvation, not on works of the Law (of which, the command against marking/piercing the body is one – Leviticus 19:28). So, the question is “Why?”. Why did God set us free from the curse of the law? It is so we can obey the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and go into all the world to be His witnesses and make disciples of all nations. We could not do this if we were tied to Temple worship in Jerusalem or if we were burdened with being so socially different from the world that the Gospel was not relatable to the lost. Those in Christ are set free from the law so that we can interact with the world for the purpose of sharing the Gospel. Not so that we can selfishly participate in sin, but that we can relate to those who are inked up or pierced or whatever. I don’t have any tattoos, but that’s a personal choice, not something by which I judge others. That’s not the standard God has set. Perfection is the standard God has set and we all fall terribly short (Romans 3:23). Thanks be to God for the sacrifice of His Only Begotten Son, that we might be made perfect through His sacrifice and not by our self-righteousness.

    • Shane

      Well said Justin.

  • VJ.

    Last year I saw an old man in a parking lot with a tattoo on his arm. I asked him what it was. “AUSCHWITZ!!!!” Was his response. I lived in Jerusalem for 3 years. Just a personal thing I guess. Enjoyed your video.

    • Jamey

      Do you think that he is a Holocaust survivor?

  • Karen

    I don’t really think about tattoos one way or the other but “…on his thigh” could mean the tassels on his prayer shawl sitting on his thigh. I’m not the first person in the world to think it could be that believe me.

  • steve ascension

    got this Jesus tattoo on my wrist when I was 18 because I know that
    it’s always going to be a part of me. When I’m playing, it’s staring
    right back at me, saying, ‘Remember where you came from.’

    Katy Perry

    • Jorge

      Katy Perry….thee Katy Perry, that dishonors God with lyrics and sensual videos? Is this you?

  • steve ascension

    Tattoos tell
    stories of crime and passion, punishment and regret. They express an outlaw,
    anti authoritarian point of view and communicate a romantic solidarity among
    society’s outcasts.

    DOUGLAS KENT HALL, Prison Tattoos

  • Katerina

    This discussion is very enlightening.

  • Tyler Mase

    God places an incredible amount of weight upon things that are natural and not natural.
    In Cor. he says doesn’t nature teach that it’s a shame for a man to have long hair. In other words, I shouldn’t have to tell you this nature tells it to you. And, the larger point he’s making is that violating nature clearly shames God. Now, I’m not even sure how nature teaches it is a shame for men to have long hair. Don’t male lions have long hair?
    Nevertheless, though the lesson must be incredibly subtle, I’m still held accountable for it. I’m still called not to dishonor God by growing my hair long. Don’t you think that with all that Paul says about not adorning your body….i.e. not drawing attention to yourself, that there is ample evidence that it is not a God honoring think to ink up the perfect body that he gave you? Aren’t you saying, what God made isn’t good enough, I need to add some ink to fix this body of mine so it looks the way I want it to look?

    • doubtingthomasaquinas

      Perfect body? In this world? And since when is ‘an incredible amount of weight’ one verse?
      As far as ‘natural’ goes, God surprises people, including His servants, all the time. He even commanded the Nazarites to have long hair or else. So much for ‘natural.’ And no, they’re not saying that when they get a tattoo. Just ask them. Now, I don’t know why anyone would want to get one, my brain doesn’t work that way. But then, my wife is convinced that sometimes my brain doesn’t work at all, so don’t say that that’s evidence of God’s unheard command or something. Let God be God, and if He’s going to judge His servants for having tattoos, He has that right. We do not, for He’s told us to ‘love one another,’ and that IS a command.

  • Sheryce

    So does everyone saying tattoos are sinful believe ear piercings are? Because piercings certainly count as a “cut to the body.” The legalism below is really sad. Worry about things that matter. I’ve seen plenty of people get Christianity related tattoos to remind them where their focus should be, and I’ve seen it work.

    • Jorge

      We are to “write his words in our hearts” so we know what are focus is.

  • Emma

    Romans 12 :1-2. This individual and others like him needs to be helped to understand the new life in Christ Jesus.You asked yourself how does this promote the holiness of God and how can this make me “example for believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity?(1Tim 4:12). May we heed the warning of the scripture in 2Tim 2:16-18 “Avoid godless chatter,because those who indulge in it will become more and more ungodly. Their teaching will spread like gangrene. Among them are Hymenaeus and Philetus,who have wandered away from the truth. They say that the resurrection has already taken place,and destroy the faith of some.”

  • michael ragnanese

    The young man is wrong on his interpretation of scripture. Jews don’t eat meat with blood and still don’t eat meat with blood today. This is done by the way animal is cut that allows the blood to drain away from the animal and after its cut the meat is soaked in salt water to remove the rest of the blood. Secondly, crops that are cultivated for three seasons ( seasons are not always years) you will find those crops have a great harvest year after year.

  • teachable55

    Behold, I have indelibly imprinted (tattooed a picture of) you on the palm of each of My hands; [O Zion] your walls are continually before Me. Isaiah 49:16

  • Mel

    Very interesting, I have been reading the comments below, and many say it is law or sinful or it is covered by the blood. Where does this practice come from? Who was doing this and why? What does the Word say, you shall have no other gods before Me. This practice has to do with worshipping other gods(demons). Worshipping the dead, heathens, gentiles, pagans. Or ones self. PRIDE Ask everyone that truly has repented after they got their tattoos, if they feel convicted. The surprise is they do feel shame and convicted. Yes Jesus forgives them. But see if they would do it again, no they won’t because the Holy Spirit gives them revelation of what tattoos are about.

    • Jorge


  • steve ascension

    It’s sad to see that the spirit behind racism still seems to hang it’s ugly head in some parts of the American church.What is wrong with you lot.Can’t you read your Bibles aright. Jesus had more problems with the stiff necked, Bible pouting Pharisees than than all the combined lepers of Israel. I’m convinced that some on this post must be having difficulties properly seeing the tree on which Jesus died because of their religious forests. Tatts don’t make the man or woman nor do they break them in the sight of a loving savior.

  • Steve

    You began your video about tattoos with the words “I hope people are gracious enough so we can dialogue about this, discuss this, and ultimately go to the Scriptures and see what God says about this issue.” That is my desire in writing these comments. Hopefully they achieve that goal.

    When you push deeper into Leviticus 19:28, you find two separate commands: (1) Don’t make any cuts on your body for the dead, and (2) Don’t make any tattoo marks on yourselves. (Verses 16 and 26 also include multiple commands.) The first command is modified by the phrase “for the dead,” and if 1 Kings 18:28 is any indication, it involved the gushing of blood. That is much different from what happens when an earlobe is pierced. Since piercing the ear was still allowed (Deut. 15:17), this verse cannot be used against pierced earrings.

    The second command forbidding tattoos does NOT include the phrase “for the dead.” It simply states “No tattoos, period!”

    As you say, right contextualization is important. Leviticus 19 repeats most of the Ten Commandments. These are moral laws. The chapter begins with the statement “You shall be holy,” which is a main theme of Leviticus. Holiness is the primary issue here, not joy and vitality.

    The command about not eating any flesh with blood in it (verse 26) can’t be used to forbid the eating of meat. Earlier in the chapter, in verses 5-6, the Israelites were told to eat the peace offerings, which were meat (Lev. 7:18). Meat was eaten, either by God’s command or with His permission, throughout the Bible (Ex.12:6-8; Lev. 6:25-26; 1 Kings 17:1-6; and 1 Cor. 8:13, where Paul says he will stop eating meat, if necessary). Eating blood was still forbidden by the early Church (Acts 15:29), but eating meat has never been forbidden in the Bible. In fact, Jesus declared all foods clean (Mark 7:19). Therefore, Christians today can eat meat without violating Leviticus 19:26.

    When we talk about fruit being forbidden for the first three years, we must realize that Leviticus 19:23 begins with the phrase “When you enter the land,” referring to the Promised Land, which is Israel. Proper hermeneutics requires us to take the entire paragraph literally, not just part of it. Therefore, we understand that this command was given specifically to the people who were about to enter Israel.

    Three passages in the New Testament tell us that we are God’s temple: 1 Corinthians 3:16-17; 6:12-20; and 2 Corinthians 6:16-17, where we are told to “be separate,” which is a synonym for “be holy.” Sexual immorality is only mentioned in the 1 Corinthians 6 passage. The principle that we are to honor God with our bodies (1 Cor. 6:20) has a broad application that goes beyond the specific issue of sexual immorality. It applies to every area of our lives. Isn’t your statement about “putting graffiti all over that temple” a perfect description of what tattoos do to our bodies?

    Finally, your reference to Revelation 19:16 about Jesus having “King of Kings and Lord of Lords” written on His thigh is very interesting. Since right contextualization and right hermeneutic are very important, would you also consider copying what is said about Jesus in the previous five verses? If so, your eyes will be on fire, you will wear a robe dipped in blood, a sharp sword will come out of your mouth, and you will tread the wine press of the fierce wrath of God. This verse is a far greater “stretch” in support of tattoos than Leviticus 19:28 and the “we are God’s temple” principle are in opposition to tattoos.

    I’m not trying to be argumentative. I just want the Scriptures to be taught carefully and accurately.

    Romans 12:2 forbids us from copying “the behavior and customs of the world.” (NLT). The previous verse gives the reason why: God wants us to give our bodies to Him as a “living and holy sacrifice.” There’s that word “holy” again! You say Leviticus 19:28 was written because God didn’t want the Israelites to be “aligned with” the surrounding culture. My question is, what about tattoos? Are they popular because people are inspired by the values taught in God’s word, or are God’s people aligning themselves with the culture and copying the behavior and customs of the world?

    • Jorge

      Thank you for that clear explanation of proper hermeneutics. We live in an age where it seems that the only phrase that comes out of most “Christian’s” mouths is “I have liberty in Christ,” including the lips of some Pastors (that should be working in a fast food restaurant instead).
      My former Southern Baptist Pastor told my inquiring teen daughter that the bible doesn’t say anything against tattoos. My daughter knowing my view against it went to him seeking approval and she got it. He even went as far as preaching on a Sunday morning to a church filled with youth that “If the apostle Paul were alive today, he’d probably have a tattoo.” I almost walked out at that moment. (In hindsight, I should have). My wife and I looked at each other in stunned disbelief.
      As a deacon, I spoke to him about that and other pressing issues. On the tattoo issue, he just snickered and said, “I’d get one too if I weren’t such a chicken about the pain.”
      I asked him to please preach about the rampant immodesty of some of the female leaders (young and old) in the church. His response, “I’d rather err on the side of liberty, than that of legalism.” So he basically called my wife and I legalist for not wanting to see God dishonored by some of the blatant in your face inappropriate attire. Even telling him about a young man in the church who told me that the way some of the women in church were dressing was a stumbling block to him, didn’t move him to action.
      It was brought to his attention that a Sunday school teacher had posted pictures of herself “clubbing” and kissing vodka bottles. His response, after he snickered, “Well, it hard to confront people sometimes.” (He had been made aware of this several months before) He continued, “You know, Eli the priest, didn’t know how to speak to his sons either, that was his problem.” I reminded him that that was not what scripture says. He snickered.
      See, there is a pattern here. so called “Liberty in Christ” “All things are lawful for me.” Christians are being taught an unbiblical grace. Lord help us!

  • Kevin York

    There is also the fact that when Bible commentaries (at least the ones I read-see list at the end) all lead back to the fact that God was steering His people away from idolatrous behavior.

    “The impression was made sometimes by means of a hot iron, sometimes by ink or paint, as is done by the Arab females of the present day and the
    different castes of the Hindus. It is probable that a strong propensity
    to adopt such marks in honor of some idol gave occasion to the
    prohibition in this verse; and they were wisely forbidden, for they were
    signs of apostasy; and, when once made, they were insuperable obstacles
    to a return.”

    Not to mention that if you go into the original Hebrew of 19:28 then the word is defined as “an imprint” as does not even specifically mention the word tattoo. Now, is there a similarity? Yes, there is. But, God was trying to separate His people from those Canaanites that served the gods of Baal. Not to mention that Leviticus is known as the book of the Law and is found within the Pentateuch. Did Paul not say that we are no longer slaves to the Law, but that we now under grace? The way I see it, is that you have to look at it through the lens of what Paul was inspired to write. That all things are permissible (i.e.-meat, cutting your sideburns & beard, shaving your head-all of which are not permissible in Leviticus), but not everything is profitable. Getting a tattoo should have strict purpose and is something that should be taken to prayer first. If the Holy Spirit says no then don’t do it.

    Commentaries List:
    Matthew Henry
    John Wesley’s Explanatory Notes
    John Gill’s Exposition of the Bible
    Jamieson, Fausset, & Brown OT Commentary

    • Mel

      I totally agree!!

  • Kevin York

    Some will say, ‘I belong to the Lord’;
    others will call themselves by the name of Jacob;
    still others will write on their hand, ‘The Lord’s,’
    and will take the name Israel. Isaiah 44:5

  • KenF

    A simple answer to this issue. If you wish to claim Leviticus as a scriptural reason not to have tattoos please read the prior verses. You are not allowed to make marks on your body but neither allowed to cut your hair at the temples nor trim your beard. (19:27) Interesting how we tend to gloss that over or just completely ignore it! Don’t like my tattoos? Then you’d better start growing a beard and temple hair!

    • Paul N

      Not so fast. The hair cut was something specific, it is not stating that you cannot cut that part of your beard at all. As far as tattoos, it simply says don’t get one. You also conveniently gloss over the cutting of ones skin. Is that allowed? Can you take a razor and cut your skin up?

      • KenF

        The hair cut was just as specific as not getting a tattoo and trimming your beard. I’m just saying that is not a good verse to use as a defense for this issue. What did Paul tell us? If you responsible for one part of the law then you are responsible for all of it. Yes? If you use this verse for this issue then you are responsible for the remaining verses. The Pharisees had what, 700 laws and traditions they followed? If you want to use that verse then what about the remaining you are now accountable for?

  • Minou Barton

    When there’s a behavior that’s not specifically called out as sinful in the New Testament, there’s a test that applies.

    If you believe–as I do–that whatever is NOT from God is sin (Romans 14:23b), then the ONLY reason to be pondering whether tattoos are sinful–to me–is if you’re considering getting one yourself. One simply asks God: Is this desire coming from You? Or is this from my flesh, seeking satisfaction/identity/security OUTSIDE of what You have provided for me? (Ditto for many, many other “idols” in modern life, not just tattoos.) It’s absolutely not my job to do that for someone else who isn’t my minor child.

    And btw, saying “Unless you live up to all of it, you’d better not quote/teach against any of it” is not a great argument. That puts right and wrong being measured by the lowest common denominator and essentially says: since everyone sins, there is no such thing as sin. Not so. Paul hit it, though: keep it all, or don’t bother. Keeping bits of the law for the law’s sake is adultery/cheating on Jesus. THAT’s a good argument.