Free Easter Lesson: Washed Clean

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"'Washed clean' involves a simple chemical reaction which provides a great object lesson for young people."

Free Easter Lesson

Use this illustration involving a simple chemical reaction to help engage your students in the Easter story.

From Grahame Knox, “What’s so special about Easter? Why did Jesus die on a cross? What does it mean? Was it a big mistake? Is it important? How does it affect me?” 

This lesson includes:

  • Preparation list
  • Presentation notes
  • Discussion questions 
  • Reflection ideas 

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Resource provided by Grahame Knox

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  • Jamie Pauley

    I did this with our church on youth night…it was wonderful. I changed a few things though….i wanted the kids to do the activity so I cut out smaller hearts for each child. I bought smaller clear plastic bowls from the dollar tree, a couple of kids per bowl, also bought a box of gloves so they wouldn’t stain their hands….order photograhic fixer from amazon…also iodine tincture but only got a small bottle, so i wondered if regular iodine works too, and it does….just didnt turn hearts black, just dark brown(dirty). It still worked wonderful…the adults watched and everyone was moved by the experiment….it was a beautiful way to tell the Easter story….if you work with your youth group and haven’t done this yet, you really need to….whoever came up with this activity deserves alot of credit…..with God you are responsible for alot of blessings going out, I know our church loved it!!!!!