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"Your students live each day in a world where, more than ever, image rules. Where can students turn for an anchor in the midst of the chaos?"

Free Youth Lesson

Download this free lesson based on the book of Colossians. From YouthMinistry360, this lesson “helps your students learn that Christ is to be the focus of who they are. He is to be the center of their attention and affection, the point where who they are converges with who He is.”

This lesson includes:

  • Leader’s Guide with Bible Background for lesson
  • The Lesson 1 Video Component
  • A Student Guide for your in-class Bible Study time
  • A PowerPoint slideshow designed to help you craft a customized presentation
  • A Sample Parent Resource
  • A Sample Devotional Component
  • Teacher Prep Videos (You’ll also find the URL within your Sample Leaders Guide.)

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