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Artwork for a question and answer session or series.

Free Series Artwork 

Use this artwork for an open-ended Q&A night with your youth group, or as part of a sermon series. 

Here is a practical idea from Vintage Church on hosting a Q&A night: “Instead of buying a texting shortcode which is a common practice in other churches, we created a custom google voice phone number and had our congregants text in their questions live in service.”

This package includes:

  • Background graphics 
  • High-resolution bulletin graphics 
  • Video bumper 
  • Content documents (for questions such as, “Is the Bible reliable?” and “What does the Bible say about divorce?”)

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Download Instructions: To begin your automatic download, click on the appropriate link (e.g., “Q&A Hero Graphics (9.1mb, .psd)” or “Q&A Program/Bulletin (14.7mb, .indd, ,psd)”). 

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