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  • 10 Important Questions Youth Leaders Should Be Asking Themselves

    Asking questions is a good thing. Questions have a way of amplifying weaknesses and clarifying priorities. Perhaps that’s why Jesus asked so many questions in his earthly ministry. Did you know that there are almost 300 recorded times that Jesus asked questions of some sort in the Gospels? He used questions as a spotlight into […]

  • 3 Disciplines Every Youth Leader Needs to Succeed

    Over the last 25 years of full time ministry (as a church planter, youth guy and para-church director) I have seen all sorts of youth leaders. Some are like falling stars, a bright streak of light who are brilliant but short lived. Others are like sun rises, slow at first but brilliant with time. The […]

  • 3 Big Challenges Every Leader Must Take

    In his last letter to Timothy Paul penned his own epitaph, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” (2 Timothy 4:7.) In doing this Paul gave his younger protege penetrating insights into his heart before being beheaded by Nero. Paul’s bold claim gives us three challenges as youth […]

  • 7 Ways to Become an "Indispensable" Youth Leader

    It has been said that “nobody is indispensable” and, to a degree, that is a true statement. But I can tell you that, as a former pastor and current leader of a youth ministry organization (with 20+ employees), there are certain staff losses that hit the church or ministry harder than others. Losing these kinds of employees leaves a […]

  • 10 Ways to Shrink a Youth Group

    1. Stop praying. If you’re dead set on shrinking your group then refuse to intercede for the teenagers in your youth group and community. After all it’s God who produces the growth (1 Corinthians 3:6.) Stop talking to him and it will shrink for sure (in all the wrong ways.) 2. Refuse to invest in […]

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    The Youth Ministry Numb3rs Game

    As youth pastors we don’t like to talk about numbers.

  • Make Some Great Goals This Summer!

    What is a GREAT goal? Its a goal that can focus you in life and ministry. It’s big enough to require faith but realistic enough to avoid being truly foolish. It should be a GREAT goal with great outcomes. A few months ago I made some goals that sounded GREAT at the time but then […]

  • Vampire Churches Among Us!

    Yes, vampire churches are among us! I’m not talking about churches full of red-lipped, pale-skinned Draculas (that would be creepy!) No, I’m talking about churches that live off the lifeblood of other churches (well, I guess that’s creepy too.) This breed of church flies into town and announces their arrival with a flashy marketing campaign […]