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This two-minute video offers an inspiring message about what discipleship and church really should be.

Practical idea: Share this video with your volunteers or your students as you talk about the importance of building community. 

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  • Ralph

    This is awesome, powerful and insoiring.  Wish i could show it to my Church during a sunday morning service

    Pastor Ralph

    • Tony

      GREAT VIDEO! love the concept and clarity without bashing. love it, love it.

      Ralph, email me at  I would love to help.

  • Jerry Pecsoy

    This video is so liberating. This is supposed to be what the church is. The too much emphasis on structure and system in many churches today has made the Church look like a corporation than a community, an entity more than a family and a shop more than a home. This basic is breathing a fresh air into many churches that have the form but not the power and life in them.

  • Ed

    Good message, But, were is love???

    • Sdvillareal

      I suppose, sharing the message of Christ to unbelievers is the manifestation of Love. 

  • Seekeroftruth

    My name is Martin N. Sweetman. I attend “The Seed Christian Fellowship” Church in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. established a couple of years ago. I attend because I’m made to feel a part of NOT just a member ! Just like this video we promote participation and propagation w/o judgement or demands. If you would like to know more, please contact Pastor Dave Peters @ 909-234-2204 Tell’em Martin sent’ya !
    Peace be with you !

  • choia

    simple church which i like the most, we can exchange ideas and build one another . just email me

  • choia

    simple church which i like the most, we can exchange ideas and build one another . just email me

  • Justin

    My Name is Justin Werner and I’m the video director at Western Hills Church in Oklahoma City. We use your video a lot for our church because it goes along excellently with the mission of our church. Recently, our pastor has had a desire to add a few things to it. Do you own the copyright of this video? If so, I’d love to email you to see if we could consider together the possibility of adding a few elements to the video. Thanks, -Justin


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