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general synod

Anglican Church of Canada’s Approval of Same Sex Marriage Fails

Anglicans in Canada were in for a shock when a measure that would effectively approve same-sex marriage in the denomination failed to pass a 2/3rds majority vote.

At Lambeth, Anglican Communion Abandons Vote on Same-Sex Marriage

The Lambeth Conference was supposed to be an attempt to bring the Anglican Communion together. What ensued was a major debate.
same-sex marriage lambeth

Same-Sex Marriage Sparks Divisive Debate at Twice-Delayed Lambeth Conference

Anglican bishops from all over the world began the Lambeth Conference this week amid a furious conflict over same-sex marriage and a scramble by the archbishop of Canterbury and other church leaders to defuse it. 
same-sex marriage

ERLC Urges Senate to Defeat Same-Sex Marriage Proposal

The Southern Baptist Convention’s ethics entity called Tuesday (July 26) for the U.S. Senate to oppose legislation that threatens to gain enough Republican support to codify same-sex marriage into law.

House Passes Same-Sex Marriage Bill With GOP Help

The U.S. House of Representatives voted July 19 to codify same-sex marriage into law with the help of one-fifth of its Republican members and to the chagrin of Southern Baptist leaders.

Lifeway Research: Pastors Have Clarity on Same-Sex Marriage, Not the Role of LGBTQ+ People...

Although most pastors haven’t been asked to marry a same-sex couple, many have guidelines on where LGBTQ+ people can serve in their churches.
Päivi Räsänen

Hate Speech Charges Dropped Against Finnish Politician, Pastor’s Wife Who Spoke Out Against Same-Sex...

A Finnish court has ruled in favor of Dr. Päivi Räsänen, a pastor's wife and politician charged with hate speech for comments she made on the Bible’s view of same-sex marriage.
methodist church

UK Methodist Church Votes To Allow Same-Sex Marriages

Britain’s Methodist Church announced Wednesday that same-sex couples will be allowed to get married on its premises.
same-sex marriage

4 Reasons Christians Should Still Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

It’s clear that many Christians now believe they too should support same-sex marriage. Here are four reasons why we should uphold a traditional understanding of marriage.
same-sex marriage sermond

Max Lucado Apologizes for Same-Sex Marriage Sermon He Gave in 2004

Popular Christian author and pastor Max Lucado apologized for a 2004 sermon. The author said his same-sex marriage sermon "wounded people in ways that were devastating."
glenn davies

Archbishop Defends Words on Same-Sex Marriage: No One Can ‘Update the Faith’

Glenn Davies, the Anglican Archbishop of the Diocese of Sydney, has come under fire for statements he made about same-sex unions. Many news outlets, however, chose to ignore the context of his speech.
taiwanese people

In Landmark Vote, Same-Sex Marriage Now Legal In Taiwan

In a landmark decision for the Taiwanese people, the parliament of Taiwan has voted to legalize gay marriage. Not only is it the first legislative body in Asia to do so but the BBC also reports that lawmakers have approved the most “progressive” of three potential bills.

Dutch Reformed Church Loses Fight to Ban Same-Sex Marriage

The Gauteng High Court in Pretoria, South Africa, has just handed down a decision compelling the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) to recognize same-sex marriages and to ordain gay clergy.
episcopal diocese of albany

Bishop Defies Resolution to Perform Same-Sex Marriages

Bishop William Love of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany has chosen a bold position by standing at odds with the order of his denomination to allow same-sex weddings at Episcopalian churches across the U.S.
same-sex marriage in U.S.: Some Advice On Same-Sex Marriage For US Church Leaders From A Canadian

Some Advice on Same-Sex Marriage for U.S. Church Leaders From a Canadian

Judgment is a terrible evangelism strategy. People don’t line up to be judged. Instead, they flee.
episcopal church

All Episcopal Churches Must Now Bless Same-Sex Marriage

The majority of the American Episcopal Church (93 dioceses) already allows gay marriage in their churches. This vote affects eight dioceses that did not allow for religious ceremonies to be conducted inside their sanctuaries.
Anglican beliefs on homosexuality

New Zealand’s Anglican Church to Bless Same-Sex Marriage

Anglican beliefs on homosexuality are changing. In New Zealand Anglican priests will now be able to bless or refuse to conduct same-sex marriages or civil unions without penalty.  Same-sex marriages, however, are still not permitted to be conducted in churches.
same-sex marriage

Breaking News: It’s Official: Australia Says ‘Yes’ to Same-Sex Marriage

Australia officially said yes to same-sex marriage on December 7, 2017.
Australia same-sex marriage

Hillsong Marches on after Australia Same-Sex Marriage Vote

The long awaited and long lasting national postal survey on same sex marriage in Australia is finally over.  The results are clear.  More than...
IF gathering

The Founder of IF Gathering Responds to Jen Hatmaker’s Comments on Same-Sex Marriage

Jennie Allen: "Let’s remember we are talking about people’s lives."

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