Kenny Conley

Kenny Conley
Kenny Conley is the primary author of Childrens Ministry Online and the NextGen Pastor at Gateway Church in Austin, TX. In addition to creating the Illuminate Conference, a high quality kidmin conference designed specifically for volunteers, Kenny is a published author and speaker.
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    The Reason You Never Have What You Need

    A bold, honest call to do what you were placed in leadership to do.

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    When Kids Don't Want to Go to Church

    Should parents MAKE their kids attend church when they don't like it?

  • Take a Peek at the Next Generation

    Perhaps you’ve seen the article about Generation Z circulating around the web the last week or so. If you work with kids/teenagers, you really should read this article now as it has implications for you ministry for the next 15-20 years, seriously. Reading this article encouraged me and actually gave me a great deal of […]

  • Jesus Loves Your Ministry More Than You Do

    After leading children’s ministry for almost 20 years, I’ve learned something very significant that is sometimes easy to forget. Chaotic and hectic can become the norm and you find yourself saying, “things should slow down soon” but you know that they never do. Stress mounts and we find ourselves on the verge of a mental/emotional […]

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    Failure as a Parent Is Inevitable

    Kenny Conley warns Christians to fight against the urge to jump into other people's parenting mess.

  • Your Kid Needs Counseling

    Seriously, your kids need counseling and this isn’t meant as an insult to you as their parent.Yesterday I wrote about how failure as a parent is inevitable. Parents can’t be awesome all the time. Even the best parents miss the mark and cause damage that lasts. Recently my wife and I have come into contact […]

  • Failing As a Parent Is Inevitable

    Are you ready for a full dose of reality? Failure as a parent is inevitable. Stop living in a dream world, you’re probably not as great of a parent as you think you are. I don’t mean to come across as negative, but time has a way of revealing how things really are… or will […]

  • The Demise of the Modern Family

    Yes, that blog title was a bit extreme I will admit. Maybe it was too much, but it points to a real issue that is causing bigger problems than we’re actually acknowledging. Marriages and families are having less than ideal experiences and one cause of many are the little screens we cary with us everywhere. Twenty […]


WATCH: The Christmas Scale

It’s hard to believe that the greatest message the world will ever hear is contained in one simple scale. From Igniter Media.


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