Lauren Hunter

Lauren Hunter
Lauren Hunter is a daughter of Christ, wife, mom of 4, writer, blogger, worship leader and lover of the "big picture" of God's journey we are all on together. She blogs at and is the founder and editor of
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  • 6 Avoidable Donation Mistakes

    No church sets out to make mistakes in how they handle donations. In fact, many churches input their donations in a donation software to ensure donors are provided a statement at the end of the year — not only for tax purposes but to communicate to the donors how their donations were used. Typically the statements are […]

  • 5 Ways to Use Church Check-in Beyond Kid’s Ministry

    by Emily Kantner A check-in system is a great tool for churches to monitor children’s ministries and keep kids safe. It’s quick and easy for parents to check their toddlers into the nursery, receive a security code, then just return with that number after the service to pick up their children. But while these check-in systems were […]

  • Quit Asking for Tips, Develop a Social Media Strategy

    One of the best parts about social media is when people can share ideas across networks that make them and you a better blogger, creator, and generally good person. In fact, that’s how I met Lauren (founder/owner of ChurchTechToday) for the first time, engaging with people on social media, looking for someone that understood church […]

  • article_images/3.4.WHATWORSHIP_729121342.jpg

    What Worship REALLY Is

    A powerful reflection on what we mean when we talk about worship.

  • article_images/2.17.failurecanbe_436962153.jpg

    Why Failure Can Be a Great Thing

    Don't give into despair, even when things go wrong.

  • Worship is…

    The Bible tells us to “Worship the Lord with gladness. Come before him, singing with joy.” (Psalm 100:2) Any worship leader can tell you that this can be a challenge given the myriad of variables present on any given Sunday morning. For instance, the drummer no-shows; the sound engineer has a cursory knowledge of mixing; […]

  • 9 Keys to a Successful Youth Leadership Development Program

    by Matt Schoenherr Youth leadership development is a topic that needs to be a top priority for any forward-thinking church (or school or community group.) After all, nothing represents the continuity our energy and efforts more than the generation that follows us. Today’s youth leaders represent our future and our investment into the next generation will […]

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