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Spence Shelton

Spence Shelton

Spence is the Small Groups Pastor at the Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, NC. Wonder what that involves? Too much to put here, but he loves it! You can read more from Spence on his blog.
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Spence Shelton's Articles:

  • article_images/how_to_create_sermon_based_small_groiup_study_552261737.jpg

    How to Create a Sermon-Based Small Group Study

    Helpful information from group practitioner, Spence Shelton

  • article_images/baton_pass_987418361.jpg

    Small Group Leadership: Who Is Next?

    Spence Shelton says there's three markers to help indicate who in your groups is ready for leadership.

  • 1 Bold Prayer: Change Your Group’s Perspective

    We had our last EQUIP: Leadership Forum of the year last night. I had a great experience interacting with some of our small group leaders as we reflected on the year and what God has done. One thing we asked was “What one thing has really worked?” There were several great responses, one of which […]

  • 3 Questions to Ask in Disciple Making

    We’ve been working hard to re-calibrate our disciple making resources here at the Summit so they can be leveraged for the one-on-one discipleship conversation. Truthfully we have always thought “small group” first when creating resources. I believe this has served us well and we are not shifting away from that, just enhancing it by incorporating […]

  • Redefining Worship in Small Group

    When I hear that title, immediately this scene comes to my mind: Clarence Spragains, the small group leader, puts a CD into the CD + Cassette combo player he bought in 1994 and out comes either “Jesus take the Wheel” or “Saddle Up your Horses.” Clarence is singing at full blast, that other couple is halfway […]

  • Myths About Young Professionals: How Old is Too Old?

    I’m taking the first part of this week to share a message I gave last Thursday at the Summit’s Young Professionals gathering. The night was set aside to do 2 things. #1: get clarity on the mission we are called to, and #2: To deal with some of the “elephants in the room” when it […]

  • A Church Confronts Sexual Sin

    Without question one of the dominating issues facing the church is sexual sin. It destroys marriages and families and festers in the dark corners of people’s lives for years. Here at the Summit, we are taking a collective stand against it next month. Our EQUIP ministry is putting on 2 seminars back to back to […]

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