6 High-Impact Outreach Ideas for Mother's Day

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Whatever you do, honor mothers in the best way possible—by helping those they love come to know Jesus.

#1: Understand the real reason why Mother’s Day has the 3rd highest church attendance of the year.

The reason that churches are so full on Mother’s Day is not because it is the only time of year mothers come to church. Most of the moms are always there. It’s the husbands and kids who rarely come who show up with Mom that one day to make her happy.

The reason so many people come to church on Mother’s Day is the unchurched people in the lives of many mothers rarely, if ever, come to church, but they will come on this day to make mom happy. This is a great evangelistic opportunity for your church!

#2: Focus your planning on reaching the unchurched spouses and kids.

Flowers are nice, but far better than a rose for Mom would be a Sunday designed to speak to those she loves but who do not know Jesus.

Prepare your people by encouraging them to pray specifically for the unsaved, unchurched, and straying family members who will come to church with Mom on this Sunday. Pray for sensitivity to their needs. Create attractive invitations for your members to give family members.

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  • Jan

    #6. Do not, DO NOT invite moms to stand us so everyone can clap. It simplifies motherhood in often painful ways.

    #7. Preach on The Ascension. Great story that moves all of us to get out there and be what we were born to be.

  • http://oshma.net/wordpress MO

    Why should attention be taken away from the Great Fifty Days of Easter, to celebrate a 20th century secular marketing idea?

    • Andy Wilcock

      What a sad and un-thought through comment. “Honour your mother and father”. Jesus in the week leading up to his crucifixion likened himself to a MOTHER hen protecting her chicks, in relation to Jerusalem. It is a great a honourable thing to give honour and respect to those who have sacrificed in love so much for us!
      If you can’t see the parallels in this, as Jesus did, then you are seriously missing the point.
      Its a great pity this article “Six High-Impact ideas” are not High Impact and do not seek to bless and encourage love towards mothers. Instead its just seeing an opportunity to get everyone else saved?????????
      A Korean lady visiting our church was horrified that the Older Ladies were in the kitchen washing up cups after church. She said in Korea the Older Ladies would not be allowed in the Kitchen!!!
      Likewise the Nigerian’s in our church call all our Older Ladies Grandma…Paulien etc. and treat them as their own grandma, with cards and gifts!
      We have so much to learn!!!!


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