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Why is it that new people aren’t showing up to your church like you hope and pray?

Your church wants to reach people, spread the Gospel, and grow.  

So, why is it that new people aren’t showing up to your church like you hope and pray?

Here are six possible reasons:

1. Your church isn’t for them.  

I know you think everyone is welcome at your church, but your service, environment, and people communicate otherwise.  

Saying that you’re welcoming doesn’t mean that you’re welcoming.

2. You don’t expect guests.  

You’re greeters and ushers are helpful, but they are not prepped and on the look out for new people.  

You’re not ready to receive guests, because deep down inside, you don’t expect them.

3. You don’t acknowledge guests.  

When new people show up, they aren’t welcomed.  In your preaching, you reference Bible stories assuming everyone knows what you are talking about.  In discussing church business, you act like new people aren’t in the room.

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Michael Lukaszewski

Michael Lukaszewski

After two decades as a student pastor, church planter, senior pastor and leadership consultant, Michael Lukaszewski now leads the team at Church Fuel, an organization dedicated to providing insanely practical resources to pastors. He and his wife have three children and live in the Atlanta area. Learn more at

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