Top 100 Christian Leaders to Follow on Twitter

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Don't miss a tweet from these top church leaders.

There’s a rich 140-character conversation that happens on Twitter between church leaders every day—from bold and provocative quotes and pithy one-liners, to helpful links, how-tos and news. However, due to the overwhelming—and ongoing—sharing of information, your Twitter time can easily become wasted instead of well spent.

That’s why we’re sharing our list of the Top 100 Christian leaders to follow on Twitter—to save you time and make sure you don’t miss a tweet.

This compilation was put together by our editorial team using a combination of metrics including, our own personal algorithm and a little editorial energy. In general, the rating system we used took into account the number of followers, the power of followers and the number of updates—with a little common sense added in for good measure.

Of course, we may have missed some important leaders, and we encourage you to share your favorites, alongside these, in the comments section below. 

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    Twitter Followers Following
1 Joel Osteen @JoelOsteen 1,258,001 167
2 Rick Warren @RickWarren 839,873 8,979
3 T.D. Jakes @BishopJakes 784,307 123
4 Joyce Meyer @JoyceMeyer 1,644,114 473,311
5 Scott Williams @ScottWilliams 135,913 78,924
6 Michael Hyatt @MichaelHyatt 165,169 195
7 Jon Acuff @jonacuff 132,533 54,917
8 Terry Storch @TerryStorch 134,052 940
9 Ron Edmondson @RonEdmondson 99,269 86,302
10 Bill Hybels @BillHybels 117,363 6
11 Pete Wilson @pwilson 107,520 57,485
12 Mark Driscoll @PastorMark 320,422 4,742
13 Ed Stetzer @edstetzer 77,981 76,777
14 Max Lucado @MaxLucado 627,704 133
15 John Piper @JohnPiper 414,481 85
16 John C. Maxwell @JohnCMaxwell 586,568 495,802
17 Darlene Zschech @DarleneZschech 292,617 223
18 Donald Miller @donaldmiller 140,764 587
19 Tony Morgan @tonymorganlive 80,250 77,009
20 Beth Moore @BethMooreLPM 243,825 44
21 Bosco Peters @Liturgy 74,660 81,322
22 Louie Giglio @louiegiglio 301,899 78
23 Perry Noble @perrynoble 78,498 65
24 Dave Ramsey @DaveRamsey 311,208 56
25 Jefferson Bethke @JeffersonBethke 85,263 705


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