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  • 2.22.CC.HOME.ChandlerChurchMembership

    Matt Chandler: Is Church Membership Biblical?

    Matt Chandler offers a biblical response to the debate on church membership.

  • quit

    A Reflection on Mars Hill Church and When It’s OK to Quit

    Yes, there are times to leave. But there are also times to fight.

  • The Joy Will Come

    I received unexpected news recently. The kind of news that made my heart hurt and tears burn my eyes. I felt the pressure of its weight on my entire being. David’s words in Psalm 6 mirrored the feelings in my heart, “I am weary with my moaning; every night I flood my bed with tears; […]

  • Why We Need a Bigger View of God

    Our tendency is to put God at the center of our universe and treat Him as a sort of crystal ball or magic genie who is all about us and our happiness. The problem is, this makes for a much smaller God than the one represented in the Bible. The most powerful perspective change we […]

  • Journal As a Pathway to Joy

    Maybe you’ve never thought of journaling as a spiritual discipline. It’s seemed like something only for the most narcissistic of introverts, or cute for adolescent girls, but impractical for adults. What, me? Journal? I’m much too occupied with today and tomorrow to give any more time to yesterday. You might be right. Maybe your idea of journaling […]

  • The Way to Find Your Life Is to Lose It

    Success is something we place a lot of value on in the culture in which we live. We place a high value on achieving, on pushing forward and climbing higher and grasping at what we perceive as success. This comes as a result of our spirit of conquest and our competitive natures. But God’s Kingdom […]

  • The Fox News Channel Wasn't Good for My Soul

    On November 7, 2012, I stopped watching the Fox News Channel (FNC). That might not seem like a big deal if you didn’t know that I probably averaged 7-10 hours a week for years. I was a news junkie. I LOVED watching the news, hearing different angles on the news, and listening to incredibly smart commentators share […]

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