How Does Your Church Use Facebook?

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We must never forget that just as the building isn’t the Church, neither is the Church Facebook Page.

Facebook wasn’t designed for Churches.

I recently read about moms who are using Facebook to host live auctions for children’s clothing. Being completely based on the honor system, I guess this is a slick way to avoid eBay fees? A few do it from home, while other auction hosts are from larger organizations. At a scheduled time, these kid clothes auctions post a picture, the price, the sizes, and the auction begins!

I’m sure this isn’t what Mark had in mind when he started Facebook.

Just because Facebook wasn’t designed for this doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. The same goes for Churches.

How does your Church use Facebook?

Facebook was designed for socialization. So placing your Church on Facebook should be natural. Unless your congregation is void of Facebook members, there’s no reason your Church should be left out.

There are a number of things you should be putting on Facebook.

  • If it’s something for the Church bulletin, put it on Facebook.
  • If it’s for the prayer chain, more than likely, put it on Facebook.
  • If it’s a flyer posted-up in the Church, put it on Facebook.
  • If you put it on the Church Web site, put it on Facebook.

The list could go on!

There’s no way around it. People are on Facebook, and where people are, your Church should be also.

Too Much of a Good Thing

As Google+ Plus has emerged onto the scene, we should be reminded not to place all of our eggs in one basket. Facebook is here, today, and that’s all we know. A new day brings new technology, so don’t think about forcing or pressuring Church members to get on Facebook so they know what’s going on next Sunday.

Some Church members rely on the Church bulletin, the prayer chain, and the posters hanging in the Church hallways for their information. Don’t solely rely on Facebook. Keep printing those bulletins for those that want them and don’t delete your Web site!

The Real Church

As an online generation emerges and more and more people spend more and more time online, we must never forget that just as the building isn’t the Church, neither is the Church Facebook Page.

Being social is great. Connecting with others is important. Keeping in touch is valuable. Knowing about each other’s lives is huge. But social networking tools like Facebook should never replace face-to-face interaction and group participation.

After all, Facebook wasn’t designed for Churches.  

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  • Pstjoe007

    Might I add a comment about using Facebook as a “church”?  Since May of this year, starting out with 6 people; a FB fellowship came to life.  Not because of a name but because of an inspiration of Holy Spirit.  It is called @the crossroads ministeries.  It is a place where broken people come and hear and minister to each other.  sound familiar.  I as the Lead pastor merely facilitate and inspire them, they do the rest.  While I agree with you, that it should not be a replacement for church, this ministry is a bridge for those who might be either too intimidated by judgemental critics at church or someone who needs to see Christian love before walking through the doors.  If you have doubts check it out here on FB   @the Crossroads  Joe Cranmer, Lead Pastor

  • Joseph Cranmer

    I have a difference of opinion.  In today’s time, there is a lot of distrust in today’s church and for those that trust the church, like I do and actively attend, there is socialization and help throught he brothers and sisters.  BUT, what about those who have been burned or scruninized by people in the church and by doing so, they are too afraid to walk through the door.  I think FB can be a bridge for these people and hear God’s loving word and at the same time reafirm Jesus to them.  The FB site that I faciliate prooves this.  Check out @the:disqus  crossroads ministries and see the people who minister to each other and see the on-line fellowship.  I agree that it does not replace face to face, but it is an anhancement.  Lead Pastor -Joe Cranmer @the Crossroads ministeries.